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Should I be mad that my boyfriend has a girl's phone number in his phone under a guy's name?

Should I be mad that my boyfriend has a girl's phone number in his phone under a guy's name? I remember him talking with this person for like 4... Show More

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  • woman, ill tell you its not a good sign...i used to so this in college all the time in order not to get caught. Generally speaking, yea he's a player..only other explaation is if your overly jealous and freak out at him having "chick friends", then yea he had to do that, also been in that situation. So analyze your situation and you'll see what's the true answer

    • I guess I can be the jealous type and freak out but only at first, if he'd just explain that its just a chick friend I prob just be like "ok kool, that's fine."

What Guys Said 3

  • Thats a good idea I might use that ... sneaky...

  • I am a full-fledged player so I know these things...your boyfriend is a player-in-training! Good for...um...wait...wait...this is about you...okay, I'd say, you should be mad...this guy's a player...you know he's gonna break your heart...

    • Why do guys wanna be players? what's the point in it? why do you wanna hurt someone?

    • Not at all. For me, I became like this because a lot of girls cheated on me when I was a teenager...I figured what's good for her is good for me......and so I became a player by default, stuck in this mode...however, if I find a girl I truly care about (which does happen!) I become loyal.

What Girls Said 12

  • wow. drop him. he's totally cheating on you with this other girl. yeah I'd be hella mad at this guy if I were you like wtf is he doing? only listen to half of what a guy says and watch what he does to support what he says. right now, things don't look good.

  • yeah you should be either p.o'd or really suspicious..because if its "nothing" he woulnt try and hide it...but before you go off the handle on him about it do some investigating 1st..text her using his phone (pretend to be him)...be careful not to be to obvious when texting her..i know its a little childish..but hey! a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do lol..

  • Yes you should be mad. If he has her name changed then he is hiding something. There shouldn't be secrets like that in a healthy relationship. Kick him aside if he wants her, she can have him. You deserve better.

  • Its not a good sign hun..he's probably secretly always talking to her when your not around. and trust your instincts, if you feel there is something going on most the time your right. Don't second guess yourself.

  • Girl move on! He is a player! That is flat out lying to you..who talks to a chick friend WHILE WITH THERE G/F for 4 HOURS! Text or not it was 4 hours of your time with him! UH NO! Unacceptible...if it were me and he would not talk(what ever he says will most likely be a lie) then hun I'd be GONE! There are more fish in the sea and a lot of them are a hell of a lot more faithful and loyal! He is not the last guy on earth...ya know?!?!?

  • WHOA .. you should definitely b mad ! guys only do tht when they are up to no good. I would consider tht cheating even if its over the phone.. imagine if she lived closer to him, ur relationship would b over by now well thts if you don't take bs. I don't know the excuse he gave you lol but if he's putting a guys name for a girl somethings absolutely positively up!

  • Yep, he's into the other girl. That sucks. You need to confront him A-SAP!

  • get his phone for a little while send her a text saying hey I think my girlfriend knows about us! lol. um that's sketchy. If there was nothing going on why would he lie? saying it was a guy? you know. if you think somethings f***ed up it most likely is. and baby girl. that is f***ed up.

  • Normally I wouldn't think it was a big deal, but the fact he tried to 'cover it up' is just wrong. Not to mention it's suspicious. :O

  • yes be worried he has taken steps to hide something from you and if it was nothing he wouldn't have had to take steps to hide it from you

  • he saved it under a guys name because he's obviously tryin to hide it from you that's not good at all..and he has her picture well he isn't telling the truth about her..he doesn't sound so trust worthy I would be worried about this you need to talk to him about this asap

  • you should be p*ssed off

    that means he has something to hide and its a sign of a cheat. why would he lie if it was innocent? trust me he is not talking to her in a "just friends" way, open your eyes and do some more investigating but don't be surprised if you find out some stuff you don't like is happening

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