Guys move on so quickly?

OK this has happened so many times to myself and my friends and I want to know why...Why do guys who have been in a long term relationship with a girl he loved and then broke up with move on so so fast, like have another girl ready to take her place within a month...and in my own experience (and I am not saying I'm beautiful or an oil painting...) but why do they seem to move on to much less good looking women...I mean my ex and I have only recently broken up after a year and a half...i know we have a good laugh together, and get on well and have amazing sex and the girl he is replacing me with is not at all pretty...would be easier for me to accept if she was but she is really not...and I don't get it...why is this?


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  • well now this gal is a godd question...

    basically guys are trying to run away from themselves...wat they are actually trying to do is to find someone else so that they can forget their earlier gal...

    after break off they become so desperate that dey start looking each gal from a prospective Girlfriend point of view...

    there may be two reasons for this behaviour:

    1. Either he is missin that emotional and physical support he was gettin from his gal.


    2. He might just be trying to prove her that he can get many gals and he doesn't require her.

    basically many guys suffer from stress during that time and they have a huge "ANTI CRYBABY" barrier ahead of them...they can't even express their feelings...

    at the same time thier EGO stops dem from going back to the same gal again...

    thus in short guys do all this hanging out and onenight stands after breakoff just to run away from thier own feelings...

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      Yeah but I still have a connection to him...I don't understand how he can move on so quick after such an intense, emotional and physical relationship...last thing I would want is to get involved in a long distance relationship with someone I barely know 5 weeks after breaking up with my ex, especially as we're stiill talking and sleeping together.....does he really like his new girl or not??

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      Dats the reason all guys give when dey are in no mood for marriage.....he hadnt fallen into the relationship from emotional aspect.....he had entered it only for fun..

      many guys make GFs as a stsus symbol or for physical reasons..

      if he is such a guy why do you even want to be wid him....try finding someone who understands you and cares for u....

      and there are definately many such guys who even want serious relaionships....

      u definately deserve someone better so let yourself free for new oppurtunities

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      This is a great answer! Guys can't help but think like that and do it.

      Tbh technically a rebound. But if they got nothing to run to they dont move onbquickly. Took me 6 months