Is he trying to make me jealous?

This guy and me have gotten pretty close and I've developed feelings for him. I'm pretty sure he likes me too but we've kind of been ignoring each other. He has started talking to a lot of other girls, so is he trying to make me jealous? I'll admit I'm making him jealous too. Although we still talk and flirt, do you think he still likes me or has he moved on? Should we keep doing this, I mean it won't get us anywhere so why are we playing games?


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  • I'm pretty much in the same spot as you. I'm assuming that you probably both have the same idea that you'll get more attention from who you like if you keep trying to make them jealous. But you're right, that's not going to get you two anywhere. If anything it might drive you two apart so that you both want to just get other each other and move on. The guy I like is trying to make me jealous by flirting with some of my female friends in front of me and I've done the same to him. The only thing it's done for me is make me seriously consider moving on at least four times. The only way it's gonna stop is if you stop trying to make each other jealous. Try giving him some really clear signals that you would love to go out with him. That way he will see you really like him and he'll most likley stop playing games.

    • Thanks for your advice. I have considered to move on but I know he likes me because he asked one of my friends if he should ask me out but my friend told him I dint like him because she doesn't know I do. He told another friend we were going out, maybe as a joke but she said that if we were she wouldve known by then. And that she couldn't imagine us two going out? I don't know but I think he lost some confidence there maybe that's why he's making me jealous.

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  • I don't know perhaps you should ask yourself why "you're playing games" first. Perhaps before passing judgement on others. Just a thought. Perhaps you should stop playing games. As you even admitted they get you nowhere. Although I doubt he's playing games. If he's talkin to that many women. He's moved on most likely.

  • yes I amm in the same situiation and wanted to know your POV on it. When and how should I stop?

    • I suggest you stop as soon as possible and maybe talk to that girl. If you keep on doing that she might just move on with some other guy and why not go for her. It'll either work out or it won't so why wait? Go for it, what's to lose? If she doesn't feel the same way I'm sure there's another girl out there waiting for a guy like you. Hope this helps. Meanwhile I'll keep trying to clear things up. Any advice?

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    • Ok I am going to try and add me as your friends so we can ask each other questions from the opposiite sex POV

    • Growing up I kinda understood what " just go for it meant " when you like a girl , but how do I just go for it, go do what exactly? They always said tell her how you feel, then what, you go and tell her you love her out of nowhere! I love that feeling of awkward silence.

  • yea you can just do it lightly if the flirting gets to hevy it mite hurt you both with your relationships.


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  • i was going to ask this question and I'm glad I see that someone else did. I'm kinda in the same situation in a few ways. I liked seeing all the great advice on here.

  • if I were you I would text him at this very moment to straighten things out. tell him that you are wondering if all these other girls mean a thing to him, since the other guys don't mean anything to YOU.

    you have to tell him what you feel before it turns into nothing. I just lost a great potential relationship when we tried to get each other jealous.

    • This sounds like a good idea but he doesn't have a phone anymore=/ Any other advice?

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    • I don't think I could do it at lunch. I sit on one side of the cafeteria with my friends and he sits on the other side with other friends. Not so sure 'bout after school either because I play sports and he doesn't right now. I can't be late for practice and I'm not with him in last period. We go our own ways after that. I might get to talk to him online. Sorry it's kinda fustrating:/

    • Its tough, for sure. if he is online IM him and just say something like: "we gotta talk..."

      or reading your other comment, since he does like you I don't think he would have a problem if you *casually walked by his table* and told him that you wanted to talk to him. then just find a table somewhere. tell me if that works :)

  • haha. I'm in the exact situation. Woa this situation do happen often huh. haaha. Well the guy that I kinda likes, he is a player. *sighs* well I think you should try and hang out with him instead of ignoring him because I have tried that ( ignoring the guy ) and it doesn't work, it just make myself more stress about whether does he really have feelings for me. Well...just hang out, get closer to him and then see what he wants. I hoped that helped...