How can a guy lose interest in you so fast? Should I call or just forget him?

Well, I have only known this guy for a 2 weeks. And we really connected and had a lot in common and laughed a lot. I don't get it. Everything was going so well. He kept telling me how much he liked me...then he just stopped calling , texting and responding to me. I haven't heard from him since last Friday. I guess he just doesn't like me anymore? should I just wait for him to call or should I call? I haven't called because I feel if a guy is interested he'll call or text.

I erased his name and number out of my phone. I'm Done. Like a said, when a guy is interested...he makes it known.


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  • Guys do call when they are interested. This guy is probably just bored and looking for a challenge, looking for the girl who thinks she's too good for him. The kind of girl who is too busy/ important to return a text most of the time. If I were you I would ignore him right back. You have to really believe men were just put on this earth to open doors for you, pull out your chair, serve you, and kiss your feet. Even though deep down inside you absolutely adore them and would do anything for them.

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      Follow that advice and you will get a guy alright, just a question of wether you will still want that guy in five years time. If someone is really not interested they never will be. You can play emotional games to make them feel they might be interested, you can even trick and fool someone, but in the long run those games just become the reason they will leave or will leave or worse lead to a loveless marriage.

      Just be yourselves and live life the way that makes you proud to be you.

    • Report and cloud9 are on point...for real. I peep this guys motive though. He wants sex. I've never had a friends with benefits relationship, so I was curious. But damn...what makes him think he can put little to no effort into getting laid...and will still get laid?! Wow. wrong chick.