Does a guy like you if he gives you a nickname?

The nicknames are not sexual or anything...(dookie, speedy ) for some reason he can't call me by my name. I've asked him before and he gets shy. Everyone else calls me by one particular nickname but he NEVER calls me it. In fact, at one point he gave me a nickname that derived FROM the nickname that everyone calls me! He always has to have his own name for me. When people find out about it, he changes it. He doesn't really like other people calling me it either. I've also noticed that he does not call anyone, especially other girl friends by nicknames...only me. It's only ever been me. Guys, what do you think? Do you go out of your way to call a friend that is a girl a nickname?

other girls, whom he's good friends have blatantly asked him why he doesn't call THEM a nickname. He'll call them one 1x & laugh but then he'll go back to calling them by their actual name. He'll turn to me and then just call me mine but nvr my name!


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  • Nicknames are for personal relationships. Certain names are held for only certain members of you close friends and family. If he does NOT want anyone else calling you by a particular name, it means he's reserving it for a particular reason for just him and you. If I was in this situation, I would feel safe in assuming that this boy likes me (you).


    • It's funny because we hang out at the same place...he said my original nickname so casually, out loud that someone stopped and asked.."uh, what did you call her?,and why? He kind of chuckled and got quiet. That was the nickname off of my nickname - which ended up being a Nickelodeon character. He hasn't called me that nickname since that night and I actually liked that one. Now, eventhough people have heard it, it's speedy. So even if it's not sexual or intimate, it's still a good sign?

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    • Give him time. If you're interested, try being a little friendly so that he may eventually admit to liking you! Good luck! :]


    • Thanks Distant , you've been an amazing help! I'll keep you posted :)

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  • Definitely.

  • In your case he may like you, but in general just because sometimes gives you a nickname doesn't mean they like you.

    • I thought that at first...but this has been going on for awhile...and he's really good friends with a bunch of people...I just couldn't help but wonder is all.

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  • I am not a guy but I will say this he doesn't like you he is extremely interested in you and wants you to know that! He wants to create his nick name exclusively because he wants to stand out from the rest... Just like anyone interested in you would want to.

    Vonda G. Nelson

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