Did I make a mistake sleeping with him on the second date?

So I have gone out to dinner with a guy twice in the last 2 weeks. The first night we met, it was at a bar and we hung out at his house after. He didn't even try to hook up with me or anything. We just stayed up all night talking (til like 6 am). The next day he took me out to an expensive dinner, but tried to sleep with me that night. I declined.

He then went away for one week for vacation and texted me every day while he was away. When he got home, we went out to a dinner a second time and we slept together (which I'm not sure if that was a mistake to move that quickly...?) The whole time during sex he made eye contact with me and kissed me. The next day he and I went to the store all day to shop for things, we went to a coffee cafe and talked (more get to know you questions), and we went out to dinner and then watched movies. We spent literally the whole day together. We had a little discussion about the sex because he asked what it was about him that made me break my streak of not having sex. I said previously that I hadn't been with someone for almost 2 years, but I felt comfortable with him and that's why I did it, and that I normally (obviously) don't do that.

The next day he didn't text me all day until like 5pm and went out to dinner again. When we were cuddling on the bed after watching a movie and having sex again, he said "is it possible that we have way too much chemistry?" and when I asked what he meant by that normally when a girl would make a joke during sex like I did he would be put off by it, but for some reason it doesn't feel awkward to him, and then we fell asleep with him arms around me.

Basically, did I make a mistake sleeping with him so soon? Even though I clearly don't just sleep around. And second, does it sound like he is just looking for sex or maybe something more?


Most Helpful Girl

  • I did the same thing with my boyfriend. I'm not the type to do that kind of thing either, but in some ways it sort of validated our feelings I guess. I knew after our first date that I was in love, and so did he. (We didn't express that to each other for a while though) I've never been the type to believe in "love at first sight" or "soulmates", but now I absolutely do. On our second date, he actually made me dinner at his house, and I was a little apprehensive about it. Things started getting physical really quick, but we both backed down. We had a discussion about how we should wait until we were ready... we were ready about 2 hours later. It opened up a lot of discussion for us. Neither of us normally sleep with someone on the first date, or even within the first couple of months. And this wasn't just casual sex either... it was really amazing, loving sex. And we've been together almost a year! If it felt right, don't regret it. It sounds like he is really into you, and it may have been the right move for you guys.