Why does she shy away from me if she sees me from a distance? Thanks for reading my details and for your answer!!

When I first met this girl about a month or 2 now she seemed very out going. she said she was a country girl. she was saying that when she throw another house party she would invite me because I was cool and we had a lot in common. a week or 2 after that last statement she spoke to me all the time... Show More

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  • She might just be really super shy. Some girls just don't know how to act when it comes to romantic feelings. She's probably also scared and unsure of what to say or do. If you really like her and want something to happen beyond the flirting, try to do things a little differently to make her more comfortable. Ask her questions about stuff she likes, buy her something cute and thoughtful from the store (doesn't have to be expensive) and most importantly, tell her how much you really like her. She might not really know how much you like her which could keep her from being completely open with you. She might just need a little watering and sunlight so she can open up a little. Let me know how it works out!

    • when I first met her she seemed so outgoing though. yea I do ask her more personal question to try and get to know her.i been heart by faily members very close family members soit feels like ting my feelings out there getting in haring them hurt by an outsider(not family member) is tought something I'm working on at the momment and it also makes me feel weak(I gues a man thing?)