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Why does she shy away from me if she sees me from a distance? Thanks for reading my details and for your answer!!

When I first met this girl about a month or 2 now she seemed very out going. she said she was a country girl. she was saying that when she throw... Show More

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  • She might just be really super shy. Some girls just don't know how to act when it comes to romantic feelings. She's probably also scared and unsure of what to say or do. If you really like her and want something to happen beyond the flirting, try to do things a little differently to make her more comfortable. Ask her questions about stuff she likes, buy her something cute and thoughtful from the store (doesn't have to be expensive) and most importantly, tell her how much you really like her. She might not really know how much you like her which could keep her from being completely open with you. She might just need a little watering and sunlight so she can open up a little. Let me know how it works out!

    • when I first met her she seemed so outgoing though. yea I do ask her more personal question to try and get to know her.i been heart by faily members very close family members soit feels like ting my feelings out there getting in haring them hurt by an outsider(not family member) is tought something I'm working on at the momment and it also makes me feel weak(I gues a man thing?)

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  • All you need to know is that healthy relationships don't involve unnecessary drama and this girl is nothing, but. I feel for her because she doesn't even know what she wants. Her pattern of behavior is someone who doesn't trust so even if she likes you, she doesn't know how to be with you without the drama. When you consider the fact that her ex was a drug abuser then it all makes sense, don't you think? I'm not sure what you're into, but if you pursue her, know that it will be a roller coaster ride that will end in someone crying their eyes out.

  • I will do that if I have a crush on a guy whom I think likes me but I can't be with him.But everyone is different.

    • it happened out of the blue. one day we are talking laughing and joking the next week she changes up. I get no eye contact from her if I do it's quick or I'm not looking and then the next week she acting like this.

  • I don't think you did anything wrong! more like I feel she is devoloping feelings for you and is afraid you won't return them, ask her on a date or to go and get coffee sometime. talk to her! My second theory is that maybe something tramatic happend between you two? maybe something you didn't quite pick up on, but I would definitely just go up to her and say you were sorry for anything you might have done wrong and maybe you want to make it up to her and then ask her on a date!

    • i don't know what I did. she went from speaking to me first to not saying nothing. but when I talk to her she smiles the whole time and laugh etc. etc. but she don't look me in my eyes no more. I try to return eye contact and she talk but don't look at me. I barly see her maybe 3 or 4 times a week. I really like her to. she caught my eye when I first seen her I went up and got introduced through a mutual friend. I like her buti barly see her and now she seem to shy away from me alot.

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    • Ok thanks but I knew that but she don't hold a conversation lobg anymore its like she trying to get away from me or scared to say something stupid

    • yup. She likes you because she is scared of the opinion. Tell her you like her just up front. Hell, she could be one of these people on here freaking out because she thought she might be pushing her crush away!

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