Why do guys get over protective over some girls?

Most people I know tend to get protective of me anyway, guys or girls but I find it weird that one guy at work is more protective over me than others. Hes a supervisor of the department close to mine. So if my supervisor is not there, he watches over us and vice versa. Im really nice and sweet and soft spoken. People think I'm so adorable and they like me. (I hope theyre not just saying that). Everyone there teases me and sometimes are playfully mean but I don't take it seriously. Sometimes if they are being that way to me and he sees, he'll put a stop to it and he'll shake his head and say, "just leave her." And he'll make them stop. I feel bad though because they werent really being mean and I wasn't getting offended. He doesn't like anyone to mess with me and he is more protective of me than the supervisor for my own department. I find that odd. Hes always telling me that I'm so nice and sweet and awesome. But he says that to a lot of other people so I don't feel special. And... Show More

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  • We're protective of those we care about. It could be in a brotherly/sisterly friendly way, or romantic interest way.

    The key is to distinguish the two. Sometimes the lines get blurry.

    • Ok. I doubt he likes me in a romantic way. I just can't see it happening. he's too handsome. Haha

      Maybe he sees me as a little sister... makes sense. But lately it seems like he's quieter than usual. His voice cracks and when he talks to me and he won't say much.

      he's not a shy guy. Thats what makes it weird.

    • If he's more qquiet than usual, I think he could be thinking of something to say. Cracking voice? You're making him nervous. Not cool, lol jk.

    • Yeah. he's normally very loud and outgoing and always making jokes with everyone, even me, and lately, he's been sort of quieter with me. And his voice is quieter and cracks alittle.

      Do you think im doing something thats making him uncomfortable? I dont want to get sued for sexual harrassment. haha i only get close to him to peek over his shoulder when he helps me. And he doesn't step away. Most of us at work get close like that and no one seems weirded out by it.