Girls, How Long Do You Intentionally Wait Before You Text A Guy Back?

Just wondering if girls really intentionally wait to text a guy if they like him?

  • Reply As Soon As I Get The Text
    35% (137)23% (41)31% (178)Vote
  • 5-10 Minutes
    25% (100)16% (29)22% (129)Vote
  • 10-15 Minutes
    12% (48)5% (9)10% (57)Vote
  • Over 15 Minutes, I Like Him To Wait
    17% (69)18% (32)18% (101)Vote
  • Other, List
    11% (42)38% (68)19% (110)Vote
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  • If I'm busy I won't just drop everything to respond to a matter who's it from, but if I'm not doing anything and I can actually reply right away, I will.

    If he starts playing some sh*tty mind games I'd just drop the conversation all together, and him with it. I have no patience for those sort of games.


What Girls Said 65

  • I text whenever I have time to reply; if I'm washing the dishes I text when I'm done, if I'm driving I text when I reach my destination, etc.

  • I don't intentionally wait for any period of time. I text back when I have the time and I'm not in the middle of something.

  • Well if its a guy a like then I will wait about a minute and text them as soon as I get the text from them.

  • I reply when I have time. I'm a busy person! :D If I have time when I get the text, I'll reply then.

  • Usually I will respond the moment I get the text. But when it takes him a long time to respond I get kind of grouchy and then I will purposely wait the same time he did to text me. Or at least try to.

    Yeah. Immature. I know.

  • If I'm busy I wait until I'm not, but when I'm not busy, I purposely respond as quickly as he does :P If he responds right away I will, If it takes him 20 minutes I'll wait at least 15 so he thinks I'm busy too :P I admit it's probably dumb, but I guess it's habit! I don't wana seem too eager! And I guess I think you seem more desirable if you're a busy lady.

  • if I like a guy, I won't play mind games. unless he starts it. then it's on. so if he's texting me back right away, I won't wait. I'll reply back cause I want to have a conversation with him.

  • If I like him a lot I will text right away. But if he's not showing interest, or takes time texting when they have plenty of time, then I'm gonna take my sweet time answering to. :p ha ha I'm not gonna act like a little puppy who answers when he wants. He has to chase me! :3

  • Depends on what I'm doing. If I'm just chilling at home, then right away or within the minute he texts. If I'm out and about, then I might not get to text him until I settle down.

  • depends on the guy. if its a boyfriend or someone I've been with for more than a few weeks there's no need for any texting games..i just text him right back. but if I just got involved with the guy and I want him to think that I'm a busy girl, not that into him, or not needy, then I wait anywhere from 5 min to an hour. Depending on how much I like him I may not be able to wait more that 5 min lol.

    you may say there are no need for games but I tend to find that it keeps the guy thinking about you and anxious about you if you don't let him know how much you like him

    • yeah it does make us think about youmore, but it also makes us think that you don't care enough to respond back, so it makes us feel like we aren't worth you, what do you think about that?

    • well that's better than thinking that the girl is worthless-but whether you feel that way or not you will still anxiously wait by the phone for a response and be excited when she replies. Besides, the feeling that she is too good for you will slowly disappear; especially because as the relationship progresses we let our guard down and stop playing games.

  • Depends on who is texting me and what its about

  • Well, it really depends on my mood sorry to say! If I'm in a flirty mood, I'll drag out the response for quite a while. On the other hand, if the texts are just chitchat, I'll generally answer fairly quickly.

  • i make him wait a few minutes. hm. around 10-15 mins. I have the impression that guys always want a chase. they prefer that than easy girls. I don't know, that's just my opinion.

  • provdided I have something to say, I text back right away.

  • No they don’t wait...why guys wait and how long?

  • i reply back right away. if I like the guy or not, I reply back right away because I think its really rude to keep them waiting

  • I never intentionally wait to respond. If I can respond immediately I do, if I am in the middle of something I wait.

  • I have friends that do that, and usually it's just like, "Ugh! he took an hour to text back, I'm gonna wait an hour too and see how he feels"

    But personally I just try and text back as soon as I can~ I don't see the point of delaying a message.

  • The only reason it would take me longer to text back is if I really wanted to not make myself look like an idiot or something, so I would think about my reply. I know I don't like the feeling of waiting for a reply in an important text conversation, so I don't intentionally make the guy wait. Unless I don't have time to reply.

    Often I reply really quickly, if I can, because I'm anxious about the guy's response.

  • I don't intentionally wait, if I don't text right back its cause I don't have my phone on me.

  • Depends. Usually right away. But I sometimes think a lot before speaking, and writing as well. Depends on the topic. So sometimes it might take me a little longer to reply than the average texter. If I'm busy or something, I reply to them as soon as I get the chance. I don't play games or anything though.

  • Sometimes I don't get a text right away, like it doesn't come through or I just don't notice it. But when I see it I reply right away. (usually) :P

  • in important cases,i don't play if-i'm-important-to-you-you'll-wait game. I'm afraid this tactic would make him think that he's being ignored or something. but in unimportants cases, when texts olny contains quotations and are group messages sent to people other than me, I rarely reply.

  • i'd rather not play games and just answer quickly.

  • i usually reply as soon as I get the text.

  • other. I text back when I see that I've got a text or if I notice I have one but I'm busy I'll reply later. I don't play childish games in relationships.

  • I text him back as soon as I get it. But if he made me wait to get the text, usually I make him wait.

  • depends on how much I'm interested in the conversation and the guy.

  • it depends how long its taking him to text back, usually after I've read it and all but if he's taking bout 10 minutes il do the same.

  • Depends on how busy I am and on his answer speed.

    If he replies right away and I don't have any urgent thing to do, I will also reply as soon as I get the message.

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  • I'm going through this BS with a couple new girls right now. So annoying. I can tell they're just trying to gauge how interested I am by how quickly I get back to them. F*cking idiot women...

    To answer your question, I prefer to just text back immediately as a courtesy. I like being taken seriously and answered quickly. I've learned to tone down my resentment on this subject since I used to just stop talking to them when I sensed this was happening (and then they'd text like crazy!) and allow a little game playing, but I still have an extremely low tolerance for it. It's probably because I have an actual life and things to do so I don't need to use mind games on a f*cking cell phone as entertainment, unlike most of the single women out there.

  • I don't text.

  • Other, because most women seem to think the guy needs to be texting first. But if you mean back, probably asap.

    • Yea, same experience here...

      Most girls thinks that the man should text them first, and that is just a bit annoying, since you not always can tell if they are interested then :-)

    • then thing is I think , that we girls think .. if girl texts first they tend to come off as desperate .

      but anyway I reply quickly and I'm busy ill just say I'm busy in a good so it doesn't feel like an excuse..

    • That's a mindset YOU women have. Truth is, if you text first, you don't come off as desperate to us guys at all. Just interested. If you CONSTANTLY text non-stop all day, ya.. desperate then.

  • f*** mind games, reply as soon as you get it or I won't waste my time with you. unless you explain that you were busy and I believe you.

  • So I guess if a girl hasn't texted back the next day, she doesn't like me?