Girls, How Long Do You Intentionally Wait Before You Text A Guy Back?

Just wondering if girls really intentionally wait to text a guy if they like him?

  • Reply As Soon As I Get The Text
    35% (137)23% (41)31% (178)Vote
  • 5-10 Minutes
    25% (100)16% (29)22% (129)Vote
  • 10-15 Minutes
    12% (48)5% (9)10% (57)Vote
  • Over 15 Minutes, I Like Him To Wait
    17% (69)18% (32)18% (101)Vote
  • Other, List
    11% (42)38% (68)19% (110)Vote
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Most Helpful Girl

  • If I'm busy I won't just drop everything to respond to a matter who's it from, but if I'm not doing anything and I can actually reply right away, I will.

    If he starts playing some sh*tty mind games I'd just drop the conversation all together, and him with it. I have no patience for those sort of games.

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What Girls Said 65

  • I text whenever I have time to reply; if I'm washing the dishes I text when I'm done, if I'm driving I text when I reach my destination, etc.

  • I don't intentionally wait for any period of time. I text back when I have the time and I'm not in the middle of something.

  • Well if its a guy a like then I will wait about a minute and text them as soon as I get the text from them.

  • I reply when I have time. I'm a busy person! :D If I have time when I get the text, I'll reply then.

  • Usually I will respond the moment I get the text. But when it takes him a long time to respond I get kind of grouchy and then I will purposely wait the same time he did to text me. Or at least try to.

    Yeah. Immature. I know.

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What Guys Said 5

  • I'm going through this BS with a couple new girls right now. So annoying. I can tell they're just trying to gauge how interested I am by how quickly I get back to them. F*cking idiot women...

    To answer your question, I prefer to just text back immediately as a courtesy. I like being taken seriously and answered quickly. I've learned to tone down my resentment on this subject since I used to just stop talking to them when I sensed this was happening (and then they'd text like crazy!) and allow a little game playing, but I still have an extremely low tolerance for it. It's probably because I have an actual life and things to do so I don't need to use mind games on a f*cking cell phone as entertainment, unlike most of the single women out there.

  • I don't text.

  • Other, because most women seem to think the guy needs to be texting first. But if you mean back, probably asap.

    • Yea, same experience here...

      Most girls thinks that the man should text them first, and that is just a bit annoying, since you not always can tell if they are interested then :-)

    • then thing is I think , that we girls think .. if girl texts first they tend to come off as desperate .

      but anyway I reply quickly and I'm busy ill just say I'm busy in a good so it doesn't feel like an excuse..

    • That's a mindset YOU women have. Truth is, if you text first, you don't come off as desperate to us guys at all. Just interested. If you CONSTANTLY text non-stop all day, ya.. desperate then.

  • f*** mind games, reply as soon as you get it or I won't waste my time with you. unless you explain that you were busy and I believe you.

  • So I guess if a girl hasn't texted back the next day, she doesn't like me?