Why do I still miss my ex boyfriend?

so much after 3 months of break up? I'm feeling very sad and down today, I don't know why, the thought of my ex keeping coming to my head, I can't seem to shake it off. It has been 3 months since he broke up with me. We were together for 7 years, I've tried almost everything to block the thought of him, I went out shopping, watched tv, listened to music, walked/played with my dog, talked to friends, etc... no help... I'm just not in the mood of doing anything tody, I don't feel like talking to anyone... I've tried so hard to think of all the reasons why he wasn't good for me...

I thought I've been doing ok lately, although I still think of him everyday, but today the feeling of missing him so much is unbearable, I have the urge of contacting him... but I know I can't.

Please help me ! How can I shake off the thought of him ? Why am I feeling this way ?


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  • I know exactly how you feel. I just got dumped 3 months ago after a 6 year relationship. It seems like the pain doesn't go away, I keep having dreams of us being together and when I wake up and realize it's just a dream the pain just gets worse. I try to go out with my friends but I keep seeing couples together having fun and I can't get her off my mind. I tried talking to a girl at a club and we started dancing and grinding I had to stop because it felt wrong. I really want to get back together but I don't know how.

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      I'm in the same situation, I really want to get back together with my ex boyfriend cause I still love him very much, and I know that he still has feelings for me. The thought of losing him is so unbearable, I'm not just losing the love of my life, I'm also losing a best friend. I find it I miss him the most when I'm alone, and on the weekend, I don't know why ? yes, when I see couples together, it just trigger the thought of my ex.....that's why sometimes I hate to go out.....

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      He was hurt when you initiated the breakup, if you have already told him you want to work it out there is not much more you can do.

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      I know there is nothing I can do, that's sucks !!! Since I saw what he said in his blog, I'm kinda wanting to send him a email or text to say how ya doing ? I want to let him know that I still care for him..... but I don't know if I should, the thought of being rejected and disappointment is no fun at.