How can you tell if he's a player?

What differences are there with a guy who really likes you and someone who just wants to be friends or just mess around?

Like how much would he want to call, text, be around you?

How much would he talk about you with other people?

What would he call you to show he does is doesn't?(beautiful,hot)

How would he act around you?

What else do you think could help us out?

Thanks guys.


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  • Players

    - Generally won't talk to their friends about you when it comes to "What do I do" questions

    - Will more than likely make you believe they are nice guys

    - Will try to push the note that they are "nice guys"

    Note- not all *players* are bad people, some of them turn out to be the most fun for a relationship... what you should watch out for is "bad boys" but ill get more into that later on.

    Average guy

    - Will ask his / your friends as to what to do and generally will need a reply asap to know what's going on and where you two stand

    - If you wait to respond, he will panic and at every opportunity he gets, try to make you "love him again" which generally most women find to be annoying and/or a turn off

    - Will push the note that they will do anything to make you happy, even at their own expense

    Bad boys:

    - Don't care about you (i.e. "That sucks that your dog died, come here and ill make you better *wink*)

    - Will generally tell you what's up and how things are going to be.

    - Will probably have a bad habbit and a "Ill fight you" attitude while being laid-back

    - Will generally not take sh*t from anyone...

    Players - (N) :: a group of men that have women all around them without settling down till they meet the best match possible

    Average guy - (N) :: Probably boring ... but they will make your life as easy as possible

    Bad Guys - (N) :: An adventure which will rock your boat, but steer clear from the attitude, you don't need or deserve it if your asking this question ^_^

    If I can help further let me know~


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      Easily ^_^ This guy really... really... likes you. He's taking a risk similar to myself ;

      I dated a girl for 1.5 years and end up giving my all for the relationship - fighting tooth and nail to give her those "fantasy / this-will-never-happen" moments that made her extremely happy ... in the end she started getting texts from my best friend and they slept together. I dumped her and as such I haven't "dated" since. Infact it made me change ALOT

      I would give him a chance, try to initiate things

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      (continued) i.e. Hold his hand, hug him really long.. show him that you like him and that your comfortable - the girl that asked ME out (2 weeks ago) scared me away, but now I am seeing that she is being truthful and so I'm giving it a shot. Hoping it will work out and ill be happy again - and able to show my appreciation for my significant other.

      I really don't think that guy would be "playing" you - he mentioned he's scared - players will NEVER do that.