What do girls think when a guy gives them a small gift ?

That is never a negative right ? If you have no interest in the guy how do you handle that ?

Would that make you think the guy liked you ?


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  • Small gifts are my favorite. Whenever a guy gives me something big, like an expensive necklace or something, I always feel super awkward for no reason lol. I just get uncomfortable when guys spend a bunch of money on me. A single rose or a stuffed animal would be plenty.

    • No, that wouldn't necessarily make me think the guy liked me. I have a sort of intuition for this kind of thing lol, so I almost always know when a guy likes me, whether or not I get a gift. :)

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  • Yes it would make me think he liked me, and it would be awkward if we weren't friends.

  • I would think it was sweet and accept it with a smile on my face and yes it would make me think the guy was interested in me.

  • Well, What do guys think when a girl gives them a small gift?

    • Myself I would feel very lucky.

    • Nice :) I wouldn't see why a girl would hate a gift unless you clearly make her uncomfortable and you give her many gifts when she asks you not to. If she smiles and is excited and happy, you're good. I got a guy a very tiny small inexpensive gift recently. It had an inside joke on it. He was bashful, told me that it was awesome even though it was hard for him to look at me. He did say that he was going to show it off at his work though. So, you assume she liked your gift & I'll do the same

  • sugar rush! ^-^ sweet!.. it's not a negative thing and I usually accept with gratitude all gifts guys gave to me as long as they're not that expensive :)

  • Small gifts? Who doesn't love gifts. I would rather have a gift than no gift at all. I would think that's it's a nice gesture, and something to remind me of you every time I look at it. If I had no interest in the guy I would simply not accept it.

    • Would that make you think the guy liked you ?

    • it could be a friendship gift. But if I haven't known him long yes.

  • OMG and AHHHH and HOW SWEET! hehe:) I remember (and keep)every gift a guy (or friends) have given me.


What Guys Said 3

  • She might think its sweet.

    She might think he's desperate.

    She might find it creepy.

    Most likely it depends how she thought about him in the first place. If she liked him she might find it dorky but would be more excited by the fact he maybe likes her. IF she doesn't like him it falls somewhere between pathetic and creepy.

    Do not buy gifts for women you aren't sleeping with.

  • It depends on how much you know her, for me I gave a girl I liked a small (but meaningful) gift that was under $5. And later I told her how much I liked her, and we ended up dating for quite awhile, talking to her later about the gift, she said she had already liked me at that point, but it sealed the deal in her wanting to date me. I believe she thought it was really sweet and showed how thoughtful I could be. But I can imagine that going very wrong for me as well.

  • I gave my crush last year a small gag gift for V-day. She's married