A guy I like doesn't want a relationship, but he treats me like his girlfriend. What to do?

I meet his friends and his family. He kisses me holds my hand and proudly introduces me to anyone he knows. He says he doesn't want the commitment because he is too busy with other things in his life. Should I continue with things the way they are? Or should I tell him that we can only be buddies. I'm confused on why he won't call me his girlfriend.


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  • He might just want to be touchy with his friends. I have a few friends that I'm like that with. If you enjoy this attention, and think you can take it, then continue. If you only want to be this close if you are dating, then cut it off. Your choice really.


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  • if I were in your shoes

    i would say to him either commit to me in a relationship

    or don't treat me like your girlfriend when I'm not.