Guys liking much younger girls?

Some people say that the older guys get, the more they like younger women. What do you think of the whole older men and younger women thing? I don't mean pedophiles, I mean a man in his 30s or 40s liking a woman in her early 20s. Do men tend to like younger women, or do they prefer women closer to their own age?


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  • To be brutally honest, yes, of course, men my age find younger women very physically attractive, and some 20-something women can go for older men...but reality tends to set in.

    1. Women in their 20's are inexperienced, and this can be a real problem for older men

    2. Women in their 20's are generally broke - some men don't care, but some do...

    3. Women in their 20's don't have the sex drive of a 35 year old woman

    4. Women in their 20's have friends the same age... and this can make an older man feel "old"

    5. Men in their 40's aren't as physically attractive as men in their 20's - simple fact

    ...and these are just the things I can think of up-front. Don't get me wrong, I've cast a glance or two at a hot 20-something momma, as she was walking by...but I am married, happy, and why mess up a good thing?

    • So basically older guys generally want the younger girls because of their youthful beauty which an older woman wouldn't have, or as a trophy girlfriend, or maybe in some cases a younger woman is easier to control if the guy is controlling? And about attractiveness...some girls have a thing for older men and some can be very attractive. But yeah the majority of girls would agree with your statement abt physical attractiveness.

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    • How well spoken, Mlle. I like your opinion very much. It's only when we realize that we have to kil what we eat, that it all becomes clear. When we were 20, we thought we would live forever. Now, we realize that forever is a very long, long time.

    • im 22y.o and I tried dating guys in 30's but ofcourse not more than 34y.o because he's kinda really smart and really great in conversation even tho at times he's kinda OCP but its fine he's matured enough than guys who are same age as mine...

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  • I know for sure it's not my case. I can't vouch for other men but indeed, guys wanting to get laid easily turn to less experienced girls who don't know their tricks as well as women their age know them.

    I don't hink guys start doing that when they're "older", it's just a way of bagging an easier prey. I've known 16 year old guys doing that to 12 or 13 year old girls. :-S

  • it really depends on the guy there are some that do prefer younger women because it makes them feel younger in addition in the relationship. it doesn't mean they would love the girl any less because she was younger.

    ever put an older cat that may seem littless when by himself put that same male cat wth a younger female cat and watch how friske and playful he gets.

  • It depends on the man. If a guy is getting older, having a younger girlfriend might make him feel younger. Guys tend to like girls around their own age in general, though.


    • Yes...might make him feel younger, but then one night he goes out with her friends /and maybe he brings a friend of his own/ and BAM he feels like the oldest dude on the planet...

      Ad least that's how her friends are going to look at him (and his buddy). :/

  • Men prefer younger women, because younger women are equally mature, so a 30 year old man would be at 23 years mentally mature to a woman, which is why women find blokes their own age immature and childish, which is always why women end up dating older guys and men dating younger women.x

  • When it comes to just sex, I want younger women. When I want someone for a permenant or longterm relationship that includes sex and a whole lot more, I want older women.

    My current situation is that I am back in college and surrounded by thousands of young hot women. I begin to fill as though I am actually getting YOUNGER when reality says I'm not. Therefore, my liking to younger women is due to environment.

    I find younger women are generally either too ditzy or try to act too mature for their own good. In addition, younger women have a tendency to want to party and shop when I want to travel, watch the games live or do something else which makes compatability a problem. Older women tend to have more baggage as Married-In-PA mentioned. But I can relate with older women much better which is a major plus for older men.

    Know something strange? Sometimes us older men look at older women and start to see our own mothers in them! Old, wrinkly and! YUCK! It's a very strange thing to talk about. Ruins the mood except in West Virginia! good grief!

    All in all, I think it's what a man is looking for at the moment

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  • It runs the gamut. I am in my 40's and I have been dating men that are at least 10 years younger than me for several years now. My fiance is 31. I have found that there are certain men that have an old soul and have a physical attraction to older women. There are also guys that just have the physical attraction to older women or they are looking for someone to take care of them, which does not work for me.

    And, yes, there are guys who are only interested in women around their age and there are others who want to date someone younger. When it comes to a guy who is much older dating a 20 something, the only thing I would watch for is the guy who is a commitment phobe who thinks a young gal will be easy to push around and he can have a sexual deal with you but would never consider a relationship. Beyond that, you will find older men who are just truly attracted to you and prefer a younger woman.

    Oh, and Married-in-PA is spot on. With any age difference comes gaps in life experience that can initially be tantalizing but later be a real deal breaker. I have seen it work but I have also seen a lot of cases where it didn't and Married-in-PA hit most of them. I can add that a guy in his 40's just may not be up to the level of going out and partying that some 20 somethings are looking for.

  • I really get what you mean, I get mostly 30 year old guys liking me but it's just grose and creepy, they used to be on top of their game in their 30's but their confidence has since lowered and they try to think maybe they have a chance with the younger girls again but face it, they don't, they are only creeping them out, it's jsut grose and they should go for someone their own age.

  • I can actually give you a descent answer, because I in fact tend to go for older men, not so old they don't have their own teeth and hair, but I have always found 'older' men to be more interesting as people, probably because they have had more life experiences, and what's more I find some men actually get better looking with age, their features are more defined. I also from experience have noticed that older men, tend to chat me up more then my age group does, I don't know why, but its fact, I have had more older men flirt with me and let me know they find me attractive, then guys my own age. Now, I never imagined that I would ever date someone a lot older then me, (I just knew I kinda liked the older man better then the younger man in theory but didn't really want to practise it)

    However, I am in fact now in a relationship with an older man, he is almost double my age, I am 24 and he is 42, and we have been together 3 years, we live together and next year we are getting married, a lot of my family thought that I will soon come to see the bad side of this, but they can see why I might be interested in an 'older' man, they thought this in the beginning, But since being with him, and my family getting to know him, they F***ING LOVE HIM, they like him more then me, and my mum didn't give him an easy ride, believe me. I know he is the one for me, and I wouldn;t ever trade him for a younger model, and it ain't about money either, we really only have enough to rent with, and ocassionally (joking there, but we are getting by, not wealthy)

    I can see how the 'reality' might settle in, but for me it never has, and I believe the reason for this is because, despite him being older, we both have experiences we still have to experience, neither of us have children and niether of us have been married (he had a very bad accident when he was in his younger years which held him back and he had to rebuild his life pretty much from scratch)

    I won't deny that we have had issues on the marriage an children things, but not from not wanting them, and not wanting them together, its been more about whether or not we can afford it.

    And while one day I might have to face that I could be on my own in my older years, I can live with that, knowing I at least got to be with him, and live some of his years with him.

  • I think if it's a sexual desire they'd want a younger woman with a nice body and tight vajj...but if it's all about setteling down and finding a person that is mentally intriguing they'll find someone closer to their age. I'm 19 and dating a guy that's 25. It really doesn't have much to do with my body although I know it's a plus for him. We just get along really well despite the age difference.

  • Y'know what, I can balance this out; to all those guys saying they like younger girls and who are obviously not bothered by women of my age group... I like younger men, that's right! I'm not one of these women who like the older guy, I like them younger! See? Two can play that game!

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