Guys liking much younger girls?

Some people say that the older guys get, the more they like younger women. What do you think of the whole older men and younger women thing? I don't mean pedophiles, I mean a man in his 30s or 40s liking a woman in her early 20s. Do men tend to like younger women, or do they prefer women closer to their own age?


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  • To be brutally honest, yes, of course, men my age find younger women very physically attractive, and some 20-something women can go for older men...but reality tends to set in.

    1. Women in their 20's are inexperienced, and this can be a real problem for older men

    2. Women in their 20's are generally broke - some men don't care, but some do...

    3. Women in their 20's don't have the sex drive of a 35 year old woman

    4. Women in their 20's have friends the same age... and this can make an older man feel "old"

    5. Men in their 40's aren't as physically attractive as men in their 20's - simple fact

    ...and these are just the things I can think of up-front. Don't get me wrong, I've cast a glance or two at a hot 20-something momma, as she was walking by...but I am married, happy, and why mess up a good thing?

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      So basically older guys generally want the younger girls because of their youthful beauty which an older woman wouldn't have, or as a trophy girlfriend, or maybe in some cases a younger woman is easier to control if the guy is controlling? And about attractiveness...some girls have a thing for older men and some can be very attractive. But yeah the majority of girls would agree with your statement abt physical attractiveness.

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      How well spoken, Mlle. I like your opinion very much. It's only when we realize that we have to kil what we eat, that it all becomes clear. When we were 20, we thought we would live forever. Now, we realize that forever is a very long, long time.

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      im 22y.o and I tried dating guys in 30's but ofcourse not more than 34y.o because he's kinda really smart and really great in conversation even tho at times he's kinda OCP but its fine he's matured enough than guys who are same age as mine...