Guys liking much younger girls?

Some people say that the older guys get, the more they like younger women. What do you think of the whole older men and younger women thing? I don't mean pedophiles, I mean a man in his 30s or 40s liking a woman in her early 20s. Do men tend to like younger women, or do they prefer women closer to their own age?


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  • I'm very put off by any man in his thirties or forties that approaches me. I immediately think he's looking for easy p****, and label him as a loser.

    I think all men like young women. But only nasty old dudes actually try to get with girls in their early twenties.

  • I see nothing wrong with that.. All men differ on their age preerences some like cougars, some have pedophilic tendencies, some are normal

  • Yes, men prefer younger prettier women. No one likes to admit, but it's simply the truth. If you ask a guy, he'll say it is not the case, but don't listen to what he says, watch what he does. Actions speak louder than words & men always want younger prettier women.

  • Y'know what, I can balance this out; to all those guys saying they like younger girls and who are obviously not bothered by women of my age group... I like younger men, that's right! I'm not one of these women who like the older guy, I like them younger! See? Two can play that game!

  • is it weird for a 20 year old to be interested in a 16 year old? I would think of just him trying to get ass, but I've been talking to him for almost a year and never even truly met him yet.. (the circumstances are complicated) but if anyone reads this, inform me on it also please.

    • That's not a huge age difference. Quite possibly not just after 'ass'. lol

  • I think if it's a sexual desire they'd want a younger woman with a nice body and tight vajj...but if it's all about setteling down and finding a person that is mentally intriguing they'll find someone closer to their age. I'm 19 and dating a guy that's 25. It really doesn't have much to do with my body although I know it's a plus for him. We just get along really well despite the age difference.

  • I most def. get hit on by older men a lot more than younger/guys my age... Weird, guess it's because I have the whole "exotic" or "foreign" look thing going on. lol

    Attracts the old geezers. :/...

    • mid to late 30's early 40's is not a geezer ! we are in our sexual prime IMO

  • i think it depends on the person. I've met many men who prefer dating women their own age. but I've also met men who like to date younger women, which is the case for my boyfriend and i

  • One word: compensation.

  • Some guys like older women. Everyone is different.

    Personally, I'm 23 and I LOVE older men, for different reasons, such as:

    1. Older (most) men know how to be more diplomatic in their answers.

    2. Older (most) men know who they are already, they're not trying to figure it out.

    3. Older (most) men are more adventurous/experienced in bed.

    4. Older (most) men are more easy going.

    I love men in their mid/late 30's and early 40's. I make exceptions for older men who are either: extremely intelligent, funny, or handsome. :D

    • Very well said !

      good to see someone not closed minded

  • What should a woman in her late twenties do if she's not attracted to guys who are 10-20 years older? Stop dating?

    • Apparently! And I'm in my late 30s so I guess I should've stopped dating a decade ago!?

  • It totally sucks. Being washed up at 25 is a drag, and I don't find men old enough to be my father attractive. But its a man's world, shut your eyes and let him have his way or be single!

  • I wish it was so. I am 22 and I like older guys but no one approached me yet.

  • I think its all just because a habit in our world. I am not confidence enough to date a guy younger than me. So I am searching for an older one (not that older). Basically I am just scared about what people would say when I am dating a younger guy. I think some guys maybe just scared to date older women. Maybe

  • It runs the gamut. I am in my 40's and I have been dating men that are at least 10 years younger than me for several years now. My fiance is 31. I have found that there are certain men that have an old soul and have a physical attraction to older women. There are also guys that just have the physical attraction to older women or they are looking for someone to take care of them, which does not work for me.

    And, yes, there are guys who are only interested in women around their age and there are others who want to date someone younger. When it comes to a guy who is much older dating a 20 something, the only thing I would watch for is the guy who is a commitment phobe who thinks a young gal will be easy to push around and he can have a sexual deal with you but would never consider a relationship. Beyond that, you will find older men who are just truly attracted to you and prefer a younger woman.

    Oh, and Married-in-PA is spot on. With any age difference comes gaps in life experience that can initially be tantalizing but later be a real deal breaker. I have seen it work but I have also seen a lot of cases where it didn't and Married-in-PA hit most of them. I can add that a guy in his 40's just may not be up to the level of going out and partying that some 20 somethings are looking for.

  • I really get what you mean, I get mostly 30 year old guys liking me but it's just grose and creepy, they used to be on top of their game in their 30's but their confidence has since lowered and they try to think maybe they have a chance with the younger girls again but face it, they don't, they are only creeping them out, it's jsut grose and they should go for someone their own age.

  • that's so gross. they're old themselves but don't want the older women. ugh

    • agree

    • not if she f***ed other men why commit trade them in

  • Those men are perverts, & I wish younger women wouldn't fall for their games & date them.

    • agree

    • Prove it asshole

    • not true at all

  • I can actually give you a descent answer, because I in fact tend to go for older men, not so old they don't have their own teeth and hair, but I have always found 'older' men to be more interesting as people, probably because they have had more life experiences, and what's more I find some men actually get better looking with age, their features are more defined. I also from experience have noticed that older men, tend to chat me up more then my age group does, I don't know why, but its fact, I have had more older men flirt with me and let me know they find me attractive, then guys my own age. Now, I never imagined that I would ever date someone a lot older then me, (I just knew I kinda liked the older man better then the younger man in theory but didn't really want to practise it)

    However, I am in fact now in a relationship with an older man, he is almost double my age, I am 24 and he is 42, and we have been together 3 years, we live together and next year we are getting married, a lot of my family thought that I will soon come to see the bad side of this, but they can see why I might be interested in an 'older' man, they thought this in the beginning, But since being with him, and my family getting to know him, they F***ING LOVE HIM, they like him more then me, and my mum didn't give him an easy ride, believe me. I know he is the one for me, and I wouldn;t ever trade him for a younger model, and it ain't about money either, we really only have enough to rent with, and ocassionally (joking there, but we are getting by, not wealthy)

    I can see how the 'reality' might settle in, but for me it never has, and I believe the reason for this is because, despite him being older, we both have experiences we still have to experience, neither of us have children and niether of us have been married (he had a very bad accident when he was in his younger years which held him back and he had to rebuild his life pretty much from scratch)

    I won't deny that we have had issues on the marriage an children things, but not from not wanting them, and not wanting them together, its been more about whether or not we can afford it.

    And while one day I might have to face that I could be on my own in my older years, I can live with that, knowing I at least got to be with him, and live some of his years with him.

  • Older men probably like younger women because of the fact that the younger women can have kids for a longer time than an older women. Like I have seen on girls ask guys that a 40+ year old single guy never married wants only women in their 20s so that they can have his kids for him...

    • yes if you meet a women in her late 20s or early thirties its getting to late to really commit to her

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    To be brutally honest, yes, of course, men my age find younger women very physically attractive, and some 20-something women can go for older men...but reality tends to set in.

    1. Women in their 20's are inexperienced, and this can be a real problem for older men

    2. Women in their 20's are generally broke - some men don't care, but some do...

    3. Women in their 20's don't have the sex drive of a 35 year old woman

    4. Women in their 20's have friends the same age... and this can make an older man feel "old"

    5. Men in their 40's aren't as physically attractive as men in their 20's - simple fact

    ...and these are just the things I can think of up-front. Don't get me wrong, I've cast a glance or two at a hot 20-something momma, as she was walking by...but I am married, happy, and why mess up a good thing?

    • im 22y.o and I tried dating guys in 30's but ofcourse not more than 34y.o because he's kinda really smart and really great in conversation even tho at times he's kinda OCP but its fine he's matured enough than guys who are same age as mine...

    • How well spoken, Mlle. I like your opinion very much. It's only when we realize that we have to kil what we eat, that it all becomes clear. When we were 20, we thought we would live forever. Now, we realize that forever is a very long, long time.

    • younger girls are inexperienced and therefore easy to manipulate socially/sexually, hence they're afraid of women their own age.

      i think men in their 40's are far more physically attractive than boys in their 20's, no amount of testosterone & "beauty" can hide their immaturity in my humble opinion. I like men who're weathered, experienced, established and with a few battle scars - or acne scars will do just as well. Why have a burger when you can have steak?

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  • Girls in their early 20's and even in their 18's love guys like:

    Jared Leto (40 yo), Eminem (almost 40 yo), Keanu Reeves (47 yo), Ryan Gosling (31 yo), Ryan Reynolds (34 yo), James Franco (33 yo), John Mayer (33 yo) Justin Timberlake (30 yo), Tom Cruise (50 yo), Ashton Kutcher (33 yo), Johnny Depp (48 yo), Leonardo DiCaprio (36 yo), David Beckham (36 yo), and so on, and so on.

    Would it be weird if these guys were dating a 20 yo girl? Well, of course not! What girl wants to date an immature 20 yo boy, anyway? Men age better, don't forget. Especially the hot ones.

  • Men prefer younger women, because younger women are equally mature, so a 30 year old man would be at 23 years mentally mature to a woman, which is why women find blokes their own age immature and childish, which is always why women end up dating older guys and men dating younger women.x

  • Guys just like what they like, we are attracted to female bodies that are good for making babies(sorry to put it so bluntly) and women seem to be partially attracted by our physical appearance but mostly attracted to how we(guys) make them feel. I believe that is what makes older guys or more mature guys more attractive to women.

    but it is the sad truth(for women) that we tend to like the women with the best bodies... and that generally means 18-28 years old... its not our fault we are genetically predisposed to want it

  • it really depends on the guy there are some that do prefer younger women because it makes them feel younger in addition in the relationship. it doesn't mean they would love the girl any less because she was younger.

    ever put an older cat that may seem littless when by himself put that same male cat wth a younger female cat and watch how friske and playful he gets.

  • Men prefer younger women. That's for sure.

  • From a man's perspective, men don't like being "told" what to do, some women feel they can do that with age, (some men need it). Men don't like getting "rain checks" for sex, men can still have a playful spirit (just not the drive) of someone in their twenties. We can pick many reasons why. We can see a guy with a beer belly tell someone he needs a young girl in her twenties that is fit and without cottage cheese butt. There are some stereotypes, some activity issues, energetic attraction (feeling our age maybe?) the body appearance, the reminder of what we may have missed in our twenties, the appreciation of a developed female. That should just about cover most of it.

  • Not all older guys like younger women. There are some who are attracted by younger women. But not everyone likes younger women. Older people tend to like people who they are comfortable with or who can listen to them. They may also fall for women their age. Who can predict men?

  • I get turned on by older women! Really...

  • I would want a 20 somethingg woman however that's looked down on...but women my age liking younger men..that's perfectly acceptable ...double standard

  • No, I like the mature girls.

  • Ya dudes usualy like the younger girls.

  • The rule of thumb is his age divided by two plus 7 years is the youngest age that works for most couples.

    I know many happy couples that fall into that range.

    But then there are the cougars, presumably who are independently wealthy and enjoy intimate pleasure from young studs.

  • Most of the time, I've only dated someone within a few years of my age (younger mostly), but I recently had befriended a 21-year-old girl, and we grew to like each other more. I'm 32, but I've never been married or had kids (not a player, just haven't found the right one, and I'm more reserved about my dating habits), so I haven't had those same experiences as other men my age. I also look quite a bit younger than my age (this girl thought I was about 26 when we first met). As for success of that relationship, it's up in the air right now because of some personal things, so we'll see.

  • It's written in our genes. Men are attracted to younger women because genetically speaking, we want a mate that is fertile and therefore able to carry on our genetic material better. Men wanna have babies. I can't wait till the day when I can hear the little pitter patter of little me's running around my house. :)

    I personally like older women though. ;)

  • I'm in High School but generally attracted to older women .

  • my girlfriend is going to be 20 and I;m going to be 28, in fact I prefer younger girls, because they make me feel younger, the youngest I go is 18

  • As I said in an earlier answer I like my women 20 or more years younger than me. Between the age of 26-35.

    Most people guess my age at 15-20 years less than my real age so I have no problems.

    Keeps me young and I like to treat them well and love them to death.

    Older women bore me to death especially when they can't keep up with the times.

  • I am definitely more attracted to women in my age group. But now I want to try dating a woman ten to twenties years younger. I would want her to be wiser for her age, be goal oriented, and certainly not a gold digger. I am sure I will be hearing some crap about this but women my age have a lot of baggage. It's so not fair to older woman but here is my theory-when men are young they are stupid and full of hormones. They do a lot of emotional damage to women. When those men get older they get more wise and sometimes more ethical. The women that are in the same age group are angry at men(not all). I would like to find a woman that is not so angry at the world and men. I miss the days when a woman trusted the world she lived in. I have recently dated two black women and wow they are some angry chicks. No matter what love, time, and financial support I gave it was not enough to rid them of their mistrust and anger. I heard so much about how much they hated their x boyfriend or how Tiger Woods should have his testes removed very slowly. I am sick of the anger but women in their 30's and 40's have much softer prettier skin and they are fantastic in bed. After some thought lol I will post this crap anonymously

    • Sorry but what makes you think you're going to pull this girl 10-20 years younger than yourself? I wouldn't mind pulling 25 year old guy but it's not gonna happen, I wouldn't fool myself that it would!

  • I'm 29, I generally date women who are 5+ years younger than me or women who are ~35+. Generally speaking they have less problems and are more mature. Something really went wrong with the women from my generation in a big way.

  • Well, I'm 59 and my girlfriend is 39. We're both very happy we found each other.

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