When a guy calls you baby?

What does it usually mean when a guy calls a girl "baby"? I know some guys use the word lightly and it means nothing but, in my case I'm not so sure. There's this guy who used to like me a lot but I'm not sure if he still does. We used to talk pretty often but, now we only talk every now and then when we just so happen to see each other. One day a few weeks ago, after our conversation ended he said "Have a good day baby" and more recently when I saw him about a week ago he said "Good Morning baby". Do you think he meant anything by it?


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  • Depends on how he says it. If he says it like its nothing then he probably thinks he's a player with some game which he likely lacks in gratuitous amouns if that's how he's trying to game. If he says it softly or in a fun non cocky way he probably likes you. Also look for eye contact next time he tells you. If he doesn't make eye contact he probably just thinks he knows how to get girls, if he looks you in the eyes with a soft or deep look he probably likes you. The third scenario consists of him mentally role playing with you and he is secretly a pedophile LOL jk had to say that. XD

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  • He wants to have one with you.

  • wtf do you think -_-


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  • Depends if y'all just met and he's calling you baby it means nothing just that he wants to get it in but if y'all are creating a relationship and are getting serious when he says baby he says it as a means that you are his pretty simple really