Does everyone deserve closure?

Do you feel that no matter what happens in a relationship, everyone deserves closure?

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  • No; sometimes by the nature of things, there will never really be closure, no matter what people try to do. That's not necessarily a bad thing.


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What Guys Said 4

  • Great question, Toadstool.

    No one 'deserves' anything, in my opinion. Sometimes when you love someone, it is for eternity, even if you are only together a short time, even if they marry someone else and you are never going to see them again.

    So you don't even WANT closure at times. And no one 'deserves' it. I think if you have a need for closure, it has to come from within yourself anyway. No one can give it to you.

  • Nope. Abusive people can sit staring at a wall wondering what went wrong forever for all I care.

  • Remember that song "Buttercup"?

    Obviously that song has a nice catchy tune, but a dark look at how someone can be torn for someone. People do NEED closure, but it's within the right of each person to come and go as they please. There is no law that says you must tell someone "it's over" when it is, or when you think it is. Or why a breakup happened the way it did.

    Clarification is a privilege, not a mandatory thing. But it's also the most respectable and mature thing you can do for the other person. I know I'd be frustrated and hurt if the girl I'm talking to left without so much as an explanation, but I cannot hold that against her. It's her decision, and her right. I would greatly appreciate it, however, if she did explain though.

    So this is why it's so hard. Obviously we make a decision to date the people we do. It's a risk, no matter who it is we choose.

  • In a word, yes. And why not? People need to live their lives, not be stuck at where a relationship ends...


What Girls Said 2

  • you can't always get what you want. LOL. Closure is something you do in your own head, whether the other person participates or not is their choice.

  • It depends what happened to me. If a guy treats me like absolute crap then no, why would they deserve anything from me?


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