I told my ex to never contact me again?

We got into a horrible argument over something somebody told me during a party. I was more angry about not hearing it from my ex than what he actually did. All my ex cared about was who told me and not the fact that it hurt me. I told him to never contact me again and blocked him on everything. He didn't want to talk to me anymore either. I honestly regret the fight. We'd still be on good terms if it wasn't for someone else telling me things I had no business knowing. Is it even worth contacting him? It's been a week or should I just give it more time?


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  • Yeah wait a bit more I had a similar fight with my best friend though who is a girl and it took a month I'd give it two or three more weeks

    • I ended up unblocking him on FB and messaging him yesterday because something serious happened. We talked a bit and are still messaging today. Not sure if it'll continue or not but thanks for your advice.

  • Let things cool down awhile longer before you attempt to initiate any contact.


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