Why does my boyfriend act so heartless?

Okay long story short, We've been together for 3 years and we also have 16 month old baby together. For the past year and half he has been so terrible. He's moody and so mean! Its so bad I have to ask him who's the woman in our relationship.

Well he works and I don't but that's only because I can't find one, and YES I have been trying very hard. Even subways in my area aren't hiring. But anyways, it makes me sad that he treats me the way he does. Examples: I'll spend all day doing the laundry, picking up after our son and I exercise 2 hours a day. Oh, dinner will also be ready and done. So he gets home, throws his clothes on the floor and then gets mad that he can't find his pajamas. Then I bring him his plate and starts to play his PS3 and he yells at me to get our son cause he's in the way. No hey babe, thanks for dinner or the room looks great!

I just feel unappreciated and unloved. I wanna break up with him but he says he loves me. I just don't understand how he loves me but he still acts so mean. I know hell be there for our son but my family wants me to stay. Its just not fair cause I treat him so great and he treats me so bad. I wanna break up...Oh were both 20.
Why does my boyfriend act so heartless?
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