Why is my ex even contacting me, especially if she's dating someone else?

Hello friends,

I need your help. My girlfriend broke up with me saying she wanted to be alone about 6 months ago, I tried to keep in touch with her after that, but she was distant and kind of ignored me, so I got tired of this and 2 months ago I told her never to try to contact me again and she didn't exist for me, and she explained that she still wanted to be alone and if I never wanted her to contact me then she would honor that. I hear she started dating someone now and she sent me a text last week saying she hoped I was doing well and she knows I told her not to contact me again but she just wanted to say hi. I responded with a I'm doing well hope you too. What the heck is going on? Why is she even contacting me especially If she's dating someone else? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you




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  • My ex is doing the same thing. Except I broke up with him. Not because I wanted space, but because he was being controlling, verbally mean etc. So I very nicely broke things off. Well he was so angry claiming left him etc...even though he broke plans with me for month. anyway I tried to be nice, and even tried to work things out once. He told me over and over that he was done and he was completely over me. So I respected that and moved on. well now that I am seeing someone else, he has decided to contact me. He then told me that he wasn't completely over me.

    He had many chances to do something, and he didn't. But now that I have moved on, he is going to care. I think he didn't expect me to move on, but he gave me no choice, telling me that he was done.

    If I were you I would proceed with caution. I would let her make any effort that would be made.

    You don't deserve to be yanked around!


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  • There could be a series of reasons she's contacting you. One main one is because she could want to be friends.. But if there was any sexual contact between you two when you where together then she could also be pregnant. But most times it the first reason.

  • Hmm I'd say she's missing you because this guy can't give her something that you could. She's probably wondering about your relationship status. If she broke up with you though I'd say ignore her unless of course you did something wrong to cause the break up. If that's the case and you're willing to correct it and you want to be with her, maybe you should make it known that you're single.

    • Yea I didn't do anything wrong for her to leave, she just wanted her independence even though she claimed to love me! So basically you're saying her contact is not just for attention? There is some motive behind that? And also, she didn't respond after I replied. So it's just weird. Why would you care to just say hi to an ex when you're dating someone? Also, this shows me she still has my phone number ha ha which makes no sense at all. Tell me girls why would you do something like this?

    • Hmm if she didn't reply then maybe she is just playing games for attention. She probably wants to know that you're still at her beck and call if she wants. Next time she texts you just don't respond. I bet it won't be the last time you hear from her anyways. If she senses you moving on I'm sure its going to p*ss her off.

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  • You are already doing the right thing by not talking to her. There are some girls out there that will want attention no matter what and will try to keep you in their life somehow for their convience. She is most likely contacting you to see how much power she still has over you.Trust me when I say that she didn't want to be "alone", she just didn't want to be with you in that way anymore. She feels that she can come into your life on her terms anytime she wants. Girls have very big egos, so don't boost it by talking to her. Just keep moving on, never contact her again, and don't try to be "friends" with her.

    • Thank you for that, I mean the audacity. I can't believe she would contact me again after she said she wouldn't. And especially if she's seeing someone else, why the heck would she care to say hi again and ask if I'm doing well you know. I would never do that to someone I broke up with.

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