Should it matter who owned the home?

My mom helped me to get a home which i am totally responsible for paying for. My ex didn't like the fact that i got the bouse this way, in fact he didn't want to get married and move in because he wouldn't be on the deed. My mom was gracious enough to get the home even though it isn't in my name it belonga to my family's estate. I got vibes that he was jealous of such as he begin to act strange shortly after i moved in from an apartment to a house. Having a home is more affordable for me vs and apartment. How was i supposed to deal with this when he was still living at home with his parents and never moved out on his own? My left me because I would ask him about him looking at lingerie pictures all of the time on Instagram and even downloading them. It wouldn't have been so bad if he wasn't making fun of my weight.
Should it matter who owned the home?
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