Advice we should stop giving to not-so-attractive people

I never gave a flying fuck about this subject until I came on here and read tons of horrible advice given to the not-so-attractive askers. I will tell you why it all belongs in the garbage can.

"Lower your standards" or "stick with people in your own league"

You might think it's hypocritical if a fat girl doesn't want to date a fat guy. You may not like their attitude and their bitter personalities. I really start to dislike them too when they start acting up and talk shit about the opposite gender. There used to be this one guy who said all sorts of shit on here. He looks ugly with sunglasses on and I bet he would still look ugly if he took them off, but he says he won't date ugly and average girls. I wanted to tell him he might increase his odds if he does, but I didn't because I think it's much better if the harsh dose of reality gets to people like him.

The brutal truth is that people are allowed to date and reject whoever they want, but that doesn't necessarily mean that they feel entitled and expect people to date them. If these people won't change their standards but get upset about rejection, then that's their problem. I used to be the one writing myTakes about leagues, but that triggered a lot of people. I realized that I don't care that much about this subject and if people want to be delusional, let them be delusional and figure out the hard way because this is something they should figure out on their own. They usually get triggered if you give them this advice because you are telling them that there is something wrong with them... If these people would rather die alone, then let them die alone in peace. The End.

Advice we should stop giving to not-so-attractive people

"Approach them" or "work on your confidence"

This is usually aimed at guys, but people tend to forget that many girls do reject guys based on looks alone. However, girls are a lot less vocal about it because of PC. I don't even think the way you approach, unless it's offensive and bizarre, girls is what can get you rejected. It's not that easy for someone to work on their confidence when they don't have any. Confidence can't be faked, and only stupid people can't tell that it's fake. This advice is usually not followed by any tips on how to increase one's confidence, which makes it very incomplete and useless.

Of course, it's very easy for attractive people, like Luke Hemsworth, to approach someone and not get a negative reaction. A not-so-attractive person has most likely tried to approach others, but has got rejected and turned down (probably even in a harsh way). It would make the advice useless because it's something that they already know and/or tried.

Advice we should stop giving to not-so-attractive people

"Become rich" or "get plastic surgery"

"Become rich" is usually aimed towards guys because of the gold digger and rich guy stereotype. If you have to use money to buy love and sex, then you're a loser. It's quite stupid how this advice is also rarely followed by tips on how to get rich. Let me tell you the truth, it's very hard to become rich. It's almost impossible because moving up a social class is rare and very challenging because there is so much competition and you will have a lot of barriers in your way. What's the point of giving this advice if the majority of people won't/can't become rich? If you only want money (and the opposite sex) but you're not following your passions/interests, then you are a lot less likely to become rich.

"Get plastic surgery" is aimed at girls more often than guys. However, very few people have a high paying job to afford plastic surgery. Plastic surgery is a biologically deceptive method of mating. There has to be a mutual attraction based on real looks in order to make a healthy, attractive baby which is the most important part of mating.

The best thing you can do is to not give any dating advice to not-so-attractive people. You're most likely telling them something that they already know or tried. They might not even listen and your advice could hurt them.


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  • Great mytake. I am so tired of those idiots who tell short and ugly guys to get confidence even though it won't help them.


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  • Ha.. yup.

    Guys need three things to be successful with the ladies...
    1. Looks
    2. Money
    3. Confidence. Irrational confidence.

    You can get by with 2 of the 3, but all three is best. :)


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