Girls/guys do you ever regret not approaching someone cute?

Today I was walking into Walmart (at like 2am) with a friend and a guy was walking out. I wasn't very close to the entrance/exit but close enough to see that he was really attractive. My friend and I watched him walk to his car and he kept turning back and smiling at me. Then when he got in his car he slowed down like he was going to roll the window down and say something.
But I just rushed into the entrance because I was like ehh, this is Walmart and its 2am. Maybe not the best place or time.
Now I'm kinda regretting it. This has happened before. What about you?


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  • Yeah, that happens way too much to me. I want to approach someone but my thoughts say "No don't do it!".


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  • every goddamn day -_-
    and then you want to go back, but you don't want to feel like your stalking, and then you gotta look around... and then when found you feel a little more weird and then you have no idea what to say -_- not a good feeling sometimes

    • I can see how you feel stalky about it but you should still go for it. That isn't weird

    • i guess not... probably me really

  • Yep I see cute girls in lots of places and wish later i had said something. but i never do. lol


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