Should I accept his friend request?

I've been seeing a guy. Everything is great but there's a few aspects (that he can't change) that set me back a little. We're taking things slow and we didn't even kiss yet.

But a couple days ago I was introduced to another guy at a wedding because he felt attracted to me. He's very attractive too and doesn't have any of the aspects that set me back with the guy I'm seeing.

He found me on Facebook and sent me a friend request. He doesn't know I have been seeing someone.

I don't know what to do. If I accept his request am I giving the idea that I'm completely free and I also want to know him better? The worst part is I kinda do... but there's the other guy.

Should I just decline it? Or accept and explain I'm seeing another guy?


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  • It's just a Facebook friend request. But you need to get your feeling straight between the two.

    • Exactly. The guy I'm seeing is 7 years older than me and has kids from a previous relationship. This guy is my age and far less "complicated". I feel like I'm being cold and insensitive for thinking of things this way but I'm not getting younger, I'd like to settle down and nice guys don't come along easily. I wonder why these two showed up at the same time, when I've been alone for so long...

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  • You could accept the friend request and then set him as an acquaintance. This would prevent him from seeing most of your statuses and photos (unless you have them set to public..).


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  • Uh, you are completely free. You're not in a committed relationship. Add the dude.

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