Is There Potential?

I met this guy at a party. He got my number and he took me to dinner and coffee, and we've hung out a couple since then. After we had sex, I sent him a text asking he state his intentions with me, and he sent this back:
"I like you but I'm not ready for a big commitment in my life right now if that's what you're looking for. Hopefully you feel the same way. I'm sorry and it was shitty of me to rush into something like that without talking about it first. I do like hanging out with you though and hope we can do that more"
I really want to date him, but am I wasting my time trying to pursue him?


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  • Yea he only wants sex, and he wants to be able to have you and other women too. Your best bet is to close your legs to him right away! Move on there's to many guys out there that would appreciate being in a relationship with you. And just have sex with one woman.


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