Is it too early to make out on a third date?

I met this guy online and I really like him (I feel emotional and also a physical attraction to him). We had 3 dates already, all of them took longer than 4 hours, so we had enough time to talk. And today we kissed first time and we also ended up making out. I enjoyed it, even when he touched me all over my body, bu I didn´t want him to undress me (it is really too early for me and I didn´t felt like that, but he didn´t even pushed me).

This is a good guy, a nice one. So I´m wondering if he doesn´t think anything bad about me (that I´m easy or so.. I just realy felt like that)..
  • No, that´s cool, completely normal
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  • It is a bit too soon, but he probably doesn´t have bad opinion on you
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  • The opposite of "easy" isn't "never." The opposite of "easy" is "careful and selective." If you know him well enough to trust him and you know he isn't just looking to score, then you proceed at a pace that is comfortable for you. No one else can make that decision for you.

    Easy girls jump into bed on a first date; I know because I've had a few of those first dates. For an easy girl, sex is about nothing more than feeling good here and now. For a girl like you, sex is a way of becoming closer to someone who is becoming a regular part of your life.

    The best way to make sure that your gentleman knows you are not an easy girl is for you and him to actually have a discussion about it - in person and definitely NOT by text - and to let him know that you are very attracted to him but that you also want to be careful.

    Good luck.

    • Thank you, you said it so wisely.. this is exactly how I feel it. I don´t want to trade myself and sex as a commodity. He was really sweet and nice to me during our dates, so I wanted to show him how much attracted I am to him and give him my affection.. Thanks again ;)

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    • @Linhlilypops Tell him that, like guys, girls have hormones and sometimes you want to give in to lust. . . but you also don't want to look back and have regrets about doing something too soon and you don't get any chance for a "do over" so you want the next few dates to be limited to being together in public places so that you don't give in to temptation. That tells him that you have the desire but that you also don't want to be easy. He'll stay interested unless sex is all he wants, in which case you just weeded out someone who you wouldn't want anyway.

    • @olderandwiser: thanks a lot! I haven't had this experience before because I'm 9 years younger than him, an East Asian girl and he's a white guy in his early 30s. So this pace is a bit too fast for me and make me feel a bit nervous. I couldn't deny it because there hasn't been a guy who kissed me at this early phase of dating so I didn't prepare to "defend". Also I wanted it too even though it came a bit too early.

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  • Totally fine. People fuck on the 3rd date or even earlier so you're good lol. Do what you're comfortable with


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  • no he won't think u r easy... so if u enjoyed it... fine then :-)

  • Wow that's a lot of time you spent together, how have you not made already? lol it is absolutely not too early

  • If it feels right go for it

  • By the third removing clothes would be a good idea 😉


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