I feel sad because Boyfriend yelled at me for the first time. What do I do?

So my boyfriend and I are in a LDR (3 months) and we were discussing him visiting me for the second time. And so we were discussing our schedules and he wanted to see me during the summer but I said my summer is literally booked up due to online school and vacation and I said "I'm free in March" and he said he didn't want to because he wanted to be with me in person for a week this time and I told him "I'm sorry my summer is literally booked up" and then he said "come on baby, not one week?" And I said no. And then he logged off messenger for an hour which made me think he wasn't interested in our relationship anymore since I'm booked up for summer and so I told him to please not leave over this and then he came back on and said "really? You think I'm leaving you? Wow you have no idea how much pressure you are putting on me right now I'm trying to think of a plan!!!" That's when I cried and told him sorry that I'm not awesome or amazing and that I'm stupidly insecure and then I gave him 10 minutes to say something (he didn't he just read the message) and so I logged off. This is our first biggest fight ever so this just makes me feel depressed that I don't feel like I'm the best girlfriend anymore like he usually tells me. I feel like the worst. What do I do? :( thanks


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  • I think you overreacted, for one. You don't need to pity yourself by saying stuff like "sorry I'm not awesome or amazing and that I'm stupidly insecure." That's just annoying and slightly too emotional.

    Furthermore, I don't see how you could literally be "booked" for the summer. Summer is a long season. What exactly are you too busy to do that you can't include seeing and involving your boyfriend for a week? You're on vacation but you refuse to include your boyfriend into that vacation for just one week?

    It sounds like the summer would be the best time for you two to see one another for a decent length of time, and you're denying him the visitation because you'd rather take a vacation to yourself is what it sounds like to me. That'd probably upset me as well.


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  • god this sounds gross. I think you are being ridiculous for not being able to find a single week during the summer to see him. Online school is online you can do it while you see him. I also think it is wrong he yelled at you. In 4 years my boyfriend and I have never yelled at each other.


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