Why guys just stop texting out of the blue?

Things have been going great the past few months. He still asked me out one weekend but I couldn't go. The next weekend I texted him, no reply, the week after I texted him again, he replied " a few things going on at the moment" and never texted again since. That was 2 weeks ago.

Did he lose interest ? Even if he did y not have some balls and just say so?


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  • Hello,

    when you told him you were busy did you just say

    "sorry I'm busy and I can't make it"

    or did you say..

    "sorry I can't make it that day but I can make it on this day"

    the reason I asked is becouse when a guy asks a women out and she cannot make it on the day we sugest unless she gives us another time/date during that call we see it as a lack of interest on her part and we move on becouse we don't want to spend 10 min on the phone pulling random times and dates out of a hat to find somthing that suits her, it comes across as needy and frankly its anoying and we would rather just get rid of her number and find a girl who does show us interest..

    best advice I can give is next time a man asks for your number and then calls you asking you on a date.. if you can't manage the day he asks for give him another day you can manage.. if your interested of course.. if your not interested then you prob DONT give the guy your number as this is just leading him on.. and again we don't like this..



    • I told him I needed to study that day but I did text to ask him out the next weekend, which he didn't reply.

      should I text him again?

    • Hi,

      Dont text him.. call him, texting is a total waste of time becouse once youve sent it all you do is go crazy waiting for an answer.. not to mantion the fact a text can be read wrongly.. call him, if he doesn't answer just wait for him to call you back... but as I sai DONT WASTE YOUR TIME WITH TEXT.. there WAY to easy to misread and cause SO much confusion..

    • I called him last night but it led to the mail box. I think he'll call or text if he's still interested. There's nothing more I can do.

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  • Depending on the guy and age, he may have been afraid or not known what to say, or how to say it. If you know him at all, just let him be and he will pop up again. He may of had something embarrassing come up or really have become busy. If you don't know each other that well call him and be upfront with him and tell him how you feel.

    Tip; Texting is bad unless you have been in a relationship for a long time. Keep it short and sweet. There is so much nonverbal communication that occurs in a conversation.

    • I agree on the texting comment.. texting is a complete waste of time.. like you said SOO much of what's been said isn't in the words its in the tone/ the way its said.. texting is cold and clinical, plus there's somthing nice about being able to her the person your interested in's voice and you can also tell she's interested..

  • He may have misinterpreted your not being available that one time as losing interest in him - which was likely jumping the gun on his part.


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  • He probably thought you wernt interested in him anymore so he

    decided to find himself a new girl to talk too. Trust me, if you guys are not actually

    dating guys have this thing in their mind that there technically not dating you so he wouldn't have to tell you it's over because that would be doing more then he think should be done. Sorry:(

  • He's either talking to another girl or did lose interest in you.

    He probably didn't say so to not hurt your feeling's and what not and

    didn't want to do deal with being asked 21 questions on why

    he isn't interested in you.