What do you do after you have money?

Being a poor, underprivileged child my dreams never went much future than prestige, learning, and money. While I’ll always be learning, money and prestige are no longer things I seek. I did college in high school. I got paid well early and moved up the ranks quickly, saved and invested. Now I can quit and do whatever I want for 10 or so years. I’ve bought all the material possessions that brought happiness to me.

So I got what I wanted by 22 but - what the fuck do I do now? I’m a programmer so I can work on that in an artistic fashion but that’s only enjoyable for so much of the day. Personal business is a hobby only enjoyable so much of the day as well. I don’t like going out, I only like close nit activities with my wife, friends, and family. Extreme social anxiety when not in a formal setting. Hate alcohol. I don’t enjoy video games, social media, sports, nonfiction, and only Watch Netflix on occasion. Kids aren’t something I want until my late 20’s early 30’s.

I’m in a privileged position, I do realize, but I don’t know what to do. My whole life has been crafted to get to this point, as early as possible. Never considered what’s next other than take a second to breath.
What do you do after you have money?
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