Harry Potter should have ended up with Cho Chang!


Harry Potter should have ended up with Cho Chang!

From the moment he first laid eyes on her, Harry Potter fancied Cho Chang. His stomach always backflips for Cho. IT ALWAYS DOES. He clearly likes her and she clearly displays interest in him.

Mutua attractio!

Both Harry and Cho are instantly attracted to each other when they first meet on the Quidditch pitch at Hogwarts.

The reader feels the excitement from this point forward and wills their character on to success with his girl. Cho is the ultimate and incredible, pretty and lovely girl and one whom we see a clear chemistry with Harry.

She is super nice to him from the moment they meet and wishes him well in the Quidditich final and his stomach flips yet again

Magicis chemiae!

Throughout the entire series there is chemistry. It's there from the start and blossoms into a beautiful flower. We become part of this magnificent relationship in the making and the reader wants Harry and Cho to be. In the fourth book, Cho s also pro Harry (refusing to wear the Potter stink badges) after he is selected as a champion, friendly to him in the corridors, and wishing him luck. She is not joining in in all the anti Harry behavior of others. Note also, with Cho, the relationship is never about his fame, unlike others who talk to him or try to impress him.

Harry often dreams, fantasizes or imagines Cho - seeing her face through the crowd of supporters, seeing her being impressed and excited by him, seeing a future with her. This is a recurrent theme.

Harry always wants to ask CHO to the Yule ball. She is also genuinely sorry at not being able to say yes to go with him. Harry doesn't even think about Ginny at all in book 4. He doesn't even think about her in any way at all. She is not even a potential backup choice, Yule ball or not. He opts for Padma. To him, Ginny is like family. Harry essentially becomes close to the Weasleys, a friendly family who virtually take him in as one of their own. There was more of a spark between him and Fleur than Ginny.

Everyone sees it

Hermione, Ron, Ginny, etc, all see that Harry is attracted to Cho. Hermione mentions this in the books. Both she and Ron walk away to give him space in the films to speak to Cho. Harry hangs behind to try and get to speak to her before Christmas. Hermione notices how Cho couldn't take her eyes off Harry.

What about Harry and Cho?.....Well she couldn't take her eyes off you, could she?"

Cho always smiles and waves at Harry. She gets excited to see him and is often breathless/energetic to greet him. She also moves to inform him about Valentines Day, clearly wanting it. Maybe she thinks she needs to initiate given his nervousness in book 4. Cho also initiates the first kiss.

Cho might at a certain point get upset about Cedric, whom she shared a very brief relationship (though not with the spark or charm of her relationship with Harry) but then so does everyone, including Harry. Once she accepts Cedric's demise, she learns to accept that is all right to accept her genuine attraction for another.

Indeed, given her reaction to Harry asking her out in book 4, it appears that she would have certainly said yes to Harry, had he only gotten to her first.

She really does like him and couldn't go with him, having already said yes to someone. On top of this, any mixed feelings are down to anger and shall we say geopolitical wizarding events where many people (including the wizarding press and many at school) believe the lies and Harry to be mad/dangerous and he becomes disillusioned and stressed. However, at no point, does Cho ever turn against Harry or betray him. She clearly likes Harry a lot in book 5, just as she has when they first met. He really likes her too and there is a contuining developing chemistry, chemistry which existed since the start. She defends him, adores him, tries to look for an excuse to spend more time with him. She speaks up for him. Harry wants to impress her. There is a lapse in book 6 where they don't ever meet. Even in book 7, when Cho meets our hero, he is excited to see her, just as she is to see him. She wants to help him against the bad guys. A jealous and possessive Ginny intervenes however. Why would she do that? She clearly sees the chemistry between them too.

Quod intelligitur esse! - It was meant to be

The reader feels and wants Harry and Cho to succeed. Even in the films, we see that spark and magic in the air. We will Harry on and get excited to see Cho in his life.

If Harry is to end up with anyone from Hogwarts, it has to be Cho.

Ginny is not on Harry's mind in any way whatsoever. Ginny tbh likes him for his fame in book 1 and 2 and also having been saved by him. She is like his sister. And any interaction is based on being essentially part of the Weasley family. There is literally no chemistry with Ginny compared to Cho Chang at all! It feels so forced. Ginny also is clearly possessive preventing him from going with Cho in book 7. And Cho Chang was much more fun, cool, nice (e. g. didn't make fun of Fleur or others for that matter) and hot than Ginny. If he is to end up with someone from school and not meet and settle with someone else he meets after Hogwarts, then Cho is Harry's girl.

The chemistry with Cho developed. From instant attraction on the Quidditch line up, the Hogwarts Express, around school, in person with the flirting and banter, on dates and even in book 7 seeing her again, it was there for all to see.

Cho Chang: Harry! I love you.

Harry Potter [smiling]: I know."

Quod Erat Demonstrandum



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  • Didn't she end up not being able to get over cedric diggory?

    I know JK rowling regreted putting hermione and ron together.

    • Really? Cuz i think hermy and ron were a good couple! D:

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    • To me they did seem like they had more of a spark together. I wonder why jk rowling never had them end up together.

    • I agree with you, you're so right. Cho and Harry had so much of a spark together indeed. Not sure either why Rowling changed her mind. It was all set up very very well, like the perfect love story where there are hiccups and then the hero gets his girl or Cho indeed saves Harry. Would have been so great right?

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  • Dude I ALWAYS thought he should've ended up with Cho.. If she didn't get all uber emotional and dramatic later on the series I think it really could've happened. She was a seeker just like Harry and she was from Ravenclaw which is the intelligent and quirky house. Intelligence combined with being a great Quidditch player? SIGN ME UP! haha

    On a side not.. freaking muggles..

    • EXACTLY right? The chemistry and spark were there from the moment they laid eyes on each other on the Quidditch pitch. The reader felt part of it and willed Harry and Cho on. They're just right for each other. Tbh as I mentioned in the take (see above) I think they clearly liked each other (Harry always gets stomach flips for her) from book 3 onwards. Even by the point of book 5, both of them are emotional - Cho owing to having just lost someone, and Harry to being labelled an outcast by the wizarding press and fellow classmates. Imagine how Harry felt when his godfather was killed, that's how Cho's feeling too right?

      Not to mention that Cho was hot, she sounded hot in the books too. Damn, it was so natural, whereas Ginny was completely fake and it was forced. Felt so wrong and there was no chemistry compared to Cho and Harry...

      What do you think?

    • I totally agree man.

    • Good, wise you are!

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  • Yeah, she's nice and they would've made a cute couple, but a main character almost always ends up with someone closer to the action than that - someone who he's already connected to - like his best friend's sister.
    I can't say there was so much attraction between him and Cho Chang. I am talking about books here. It could've been Hermione, but they're too much like brother and sister I think - the author actually said she should've put him and Hermione together...

    • Good points. Did you see what I mentioned above about Ginny tho? It was so forced and so sudden. I mean didn't feel any chemistry between them from the books. With Cho Chang, there was that magic. For the reader, you felt for Harry and wanted him to succeed with Cho. If he was going to end up with someone from school and not meet someone new, it felt perfect. Got excited to see her in book 7 again.

      With Cho, there was chemistry. With Ginny, it felt like his family and she was initially in awe of the famous Harry Potter. After he becomes part of the Weasley family, she gets over it. I didn't feel any romantic spark between them.

      As for Hermione, yeah I agree. She was always loyal to him. He praised her and she liked it. And at the end of book 4, the writer has Hermione kiss Harry and notes it being for the first time ever. I wonder if that was intentional?

      But with Cho, there was attraction throughout 3, 4 and 5 wasn't there?

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    • @jjmarvin But with Ginny, wasn't she family? She wasn't even friends so to speak. Just a peripheral member of the Weasley family who was also in Gryfindor.

      I mean Harry and Fleur had more chemistry.
      Harry and Hermione had more chemistry (though this was to be friends from around book 5)
      Harry and (insert any other girl) had more chemistry.
      Even the older girls who played Quidditch with him and kissed him after winning matches had more chemistry with Harry. Tbh, Hermione got a lot of hate mail from wizarding fans of Harry Potter after a Skeeter article, I am surprised that Ginny did not get much more than that.

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  • lol then I argue that Hermione should have ended up with Draco

    How is this for a plot twist? :D

    by the way I ship this so much. Would have made things a hell of a lot more interesting

    • That would have been interesting, though the only thing is that Draco often was rude to Hermione in a very very very rude manner with the blood based abuse.

      Hermione and Harry could work I guess, always wondered why she kissed him at the end of book 4 on the cheek. And she was amused by his reaction to Cho being jealous of her in book 5.

      Would have made things interesting you're right! What do you think about Harry and Cho?

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    • Lol that is called a plot twist📉

    • @Nik1hil Nah dude. Everything else that is a plot twist, e. g. Goblet of Fire, with an impostor, is all SET UP beforehand. And then revealed.

      With Cho, it's all set up for her and Harry.
      With Hermione, she's set up with Ron early on.

      With Ginny, in NO WAY whatsoever is it set up. It just randomly appears and feels so forced in book 6. Even in book 7, the reader feels a connection between Cho and Harry.

  • I agree, she looks awesome. but the main characters usually stick with each other. it's better publicity.

    • True, but Ginny isn't really a main character. She is also peripheral. Cho and Harry had way more chemistry right?

      With Cho and Harry, it literally felt (forgive the pun) magical from the get go in book 3 all the way to the end of the series. The reader feels it and want them to succeed. With Ginny, it's so forced and fake in book 6 it makes you sad as you don't want them to happen and hope that it's really Voldemort trying to trick him into doing something stupid lol.

      Cho didn't just look awesome, but was an awesome character who had a spark with Harry. There was heaps of chemistry right?


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    • xD I'm sorry but I'm not that familiar with the series so I'm not sure. I think cho looks much prettier though. they'd have made a good picture perfect coupling.

    • Well said! Go Harry and Cho!!


    • Have you read the justification/reasoning?

      If Harry ends up with someone from school over someone new he meets in Diagon Alley or on the Quidditch pitch, then it has to be Cho. There's so much more chemistry, instant attraction by BOTH.

      Makes more sense right?

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    • Of course I read the book!! The books were awesome! Kinda wish they stuck to them a little more in the films. After film 2, they seemed to adjust them, and I'm not sure how people who didn't read them would have understood some things...

      Will read yours.

      What do you make of my numbered points here?

  • Yeah, I see your point, you are totally right :)

  • It was just infatuation

    • No wayyy. How so? They clearly got on well. They clearly were attracted to each other - BOTH were - from the very START.

      There was chemistry all the way through. Maybe Harry ends up with some brand new hottie he meets in Diagon Alley after he leaves school. But Harry and Cho makes way more sense than Harry and Ginny?

    • high school love is not real love

    • Ok, but then clarify? So how is Ginny any better? That makes no sense whatsoever right?

  • I honestly don't get why he ended up with Ginny, Im not mad about it, I just don't really get it. I think Cho was a very good choice for him, they should have had each other..

    • SPOT ON and well said.

      No idea either. Book 6 felt a massive disappointment from that angle. No idea why there was this sudden forced and fake liking of Ginny. I mean she was family like the rest of the Weasley's. I felt there was more chemistry between Harry and Fleur (the girl Ginny made fun of) than Harry and Ginny.

      And in terms of Cho, there was a spark ever since book 3 all the way to the end. She was a super person and it would have been literally magic to see them end up together.

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    • Cho and Harry would have been a great couple! Just the way their interaction with each other was described from the beginning, they were definitely meant to be. Cho really is a cool girl, and they just have more in common.

    • Totally agreed. They would have been PERFECT. The way they interacted was described from the moment they first laid eyes on each other. There was a spark and chemistry there the whole time.


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  • I was also thinking that they should've ended up together and that marrying Ginny just seemed like it made Harry an official member of the family rather than a love connection.

    • Yeah Cho and Harry had so much chemistry and it just felt so right!

      With Ginny, it felt so forced and there was nothing of the spark of the other two. With the Weasley's Harry was family. Ginny was his family, not lover!

      And Harry never had that attraction for her. It was Cho he really liked. If it had to be someone from school, he should have been with Cho Chang.


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    • Everyone deals with grief differently so I guess she just wasn't ready for a relationship.

    • Yeah but Cho clearly liked Harry and he liked her (even after his own grief and this with all the wizarding press against him). I think they were perfect for each other and certainly better than Ginny.

  • "Harry Potter should have ended up with Cho Chang!"

    TL; DR: But he didn't end up with her. In life, the person you are with may not be your first choice, but are your BEST choice.

    • Cho Chang was a better choice than Ginny ANY DAY.

      She was into him and he was into her.

      With Ginny there was no chemistry if you compare it to Cho Chang. Frankly I felt more chemistry between Harry and Fleur than Ginny. Even Hermione, if she wasn't explicitly ruled out in book 7. Note in book 4, the writer leaves it open on the last page as to whether Hermione will be his girl and introduces the idea in book 6.

      As for Cho, she was clearly a winner, in 3, 4, 5, and 7.

      Thoughts? Please read the take also, as I have mentioned many many reasons?

    • Cho was the best choice.

  • correct me if I am wrong, but wasn't it Cho that told Dolores Umbridge about Dumbledore army in the order of the phoenix?

    • No. In the books, another member of the DA whose mother worked at the Ministry gave them up after one of the Educational Decrees and fear of punishment. She was another girl from Ravenclaw who Cho knew. So Cho never betrayed Harry. She defended him on numerous occasions, whether it was in book 4 where she didn't join in the pro Cedric/anti Harry badge hysteria or even in book 5 when it came to Filch, who would be the leader of the DA (read the book, Cho gives glowing looks at Harry at the first meeting and wants to be closer to him).

      In the films, for some reason after film 3, they started to change the book canon a little, maybe over timing issues. In the film, Umbridge uses Truth potion on many students using her power to interview anyone she deems fit. She puts it in people's tea (she tries this with Harry, but owing to Dumbledore's intervention, for this particular interview, Snape discreetly provides Umbridge with a fake).

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    • Cho is his girl, proof is all above if you read it mate. Otherwise try to prove it's Ginny and disprove Cho.

    • Read them and confirmed right?

  • Harry Potter should be in college and married by now. He's in his 20's.

    • Lol. Ok, but what do you think of the take, Ginny, and the idea that he and Cho were the best outcome?

    • Married to Cho Chang, yep

  • Nice Take, I like it :D

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