I'm too scared to give birth. How do I get past this?

i love kids. And I do sort of want children.
absolutely terrified of pregnancy and giving birth.
considering I am 29 Nearly 30 I don’t think this is a feeling I will move past.
I know everyone says “everyone is scared” I think my feeling is more extreme.
I am thinking of giving up my desire to have children because I am too scared. I feel faint just at the thought.
how do I move past feeling faint and queasy at the mere thought.
10 d
To update.
Please no more adoption suggestions. I am aware adoption exists. That another topic.
It’s not about the pain, it’s the mental thought of everything that prevents me from wanting to do it.
Imagine having a fear of heights and someone says to you just put on a blindfold on. The person with the fear of heights still would not be able to go up to the top because the fear is mental not physical. So physical suggestions like oh get an epidural is like saying oh just wear a blindfold.
I'm too scared to give birth. How do I get past this?
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