Can someone give me advice on this messed up situation?

This is such a fucked up situation.. my brother who is 16 is on bail and he’s living with me but it was supposed to be for a month but it has been extended now I cannot look after him longer than a month. It has been extended because he might go jail or the case might get dropped I’m not sure yet. He will have to go into foster care as no one else can look after him. My mum and dad are both shit parents they can’t live with them because he’s not allowed in that area. Now one of my relatives have said they can look after him but my dad is saying no so now what? I feel so guilty because if he goes to foster care I will feel as if it’s my fault. I can just about look after myself so I can’t look after someone else it’s hard work. They are begging me to look after him but then I have no life or anything as he can’t be trusted on his own? Can someone advice me on what to do.. I am so upset about this and the pressure is hard
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Hi guys thought I would update you all properly thank you So so much for supporting me in this situation.. and guiding me. My brother is getting his own place and hopefully will be moving in a weeks time :) thank you so much once again. Xxx
Can someone give me advice on this messed up situation?
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