Friend zoned after sex and confused?

Hi Girls,

I met a woman who was holidaying in my city alone, she was going home 2 days from when I got her number and agreed to meet me for a drink on her last night.

We hit it off and one thing led to another so we ended up sleeping together back in her hotel room that night.

She seemed open to something more when I left for the night, after about one hour of sex and smalltalk after. I sent her a text the following day telling her I'd a great time and hoped to see her on Facebook

She came back at me with a "lets just be friends"

I don't get it as the sex was good and she seemed to enjoy herself. When I pushed her on it she more or less told me she didn't want me expecting anything if she came back to my city in the Spring and then froze me out with a long text on how she doesn't feel anything more than friends between us and I should never expect sex from her again, EVER.

So I don't get it, perfect first night, really enjoyable sex, and then this, what's her problem?

Note to the above: Her boyfriend of over ten years left her for another woman about 3 years ago and she told me she has fk buddies in a couple of cities (likes to travel), so why ament I even getting fk buddy status?
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Thanks everybody, some great answers to be fair and I feel better for having asked this. I guess I knew what it was but wasn't expecting to actually like her more than physically, her break up story really touched me and I guess I started to care, my fault not hers. Anyway, on to the next one
Friend zoned after sex and confused?
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