Which gender has it harder?

The age old question which gender has it harder.

Men - Have to chase after girls

- Be fit

What ever else you men have to do answer below what else you men have to do


-Be feminine

-wear makeup ( optional )

- Dress to impress

- be thin ( optional )

-Always look good.

And I'm not trying to offend anyone answer below if I forgot anything. ( probably did )

I'm trying to not be bias but Who do you think has it harder I can honestly say Guys and girls are pretty tied and trued but what do you thin?

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Most Helpful Girl

  • Women are judged much harsher than men are.

    There was a social experiment where there was an overweight man and an overweight woman both dressed really nicely. People were more likely to assume the man was in a high up management position than the woman.

    Men are typically more forgiven for being chubbier- they are thought to be teddy bears. Men have a broader spectrum of acceptable physical appearance and are more accepted being heavier than a woman.

    Men don't have to worry about whatever they are wearing being considered slutty.

    Not even based off of media women have certain expectations that men just don't have- makeup, hair, etc. We are judged a lot more closely than a man is.

    I am in no way saying that men have it easy because they do not, and they have their own set of standards that they are subjected to, but in terms of who faces the most pressure, women do.

    Women get it from the media, from other females that they know, females that they don't know, men, job stress, and social norms.


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What Guys Said 8

  • I think it's about the same, but it always depends on what sort of situation you're in in life. Some guys have it tougher than some girls, some girls have it tougher than some guys. I think in countries like Canada and the US and most European countries, it's about the same for both sexes, while in countries like Middle Eastern countries women definitely have it way tougher cause of sh*tty laws and crappy government systems and, to be frank, just f***ed up places in general.

  • Bottom line women get to say and do whatever stupid sh*t pops into their heads at any given moment and they get a free pass because they're women. If men acted the way the average woman does, they'd be fired and ostracized from their group of friends.

  • I think girls have more to deal with and worry about. But men have higher pressures on them selves to be providers. It would be interesting to see both sides and really decide.

  • I'd say... hmm probably guys overall, but girls have it hard in other ways.

    Still, overall I'd say guys. Women don't have to dress to impress at all. Hell, guys like me LOVE girls who are "Plain" in dress (tomboyish or whatnot). It's appealing they are more down to earth and comfortable than seeking attention.

  • It's about a draw. Both put a lot of emphasis on how they look, dress, act, etc.

  • This is like the Nice Guy vs Bad Boy and Superman VS Goku debate. It will never end.

    • Goku all the way. As for Nice Guy vs Bad Boy, the nice guy might get an awesome relationship if he finds the right girl and if he's confident and assertive, while the bad boy will have a lot of chances to be a player probably. Those two debates: solved in a minute. :)

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    • The comic junkies would debate you on that to no end.

    • But I don't like comics.

  • Yes it's a commercial, but it makes a lot of good points https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t-Lc9Mhi9l0

  • If only one person that asked this question was truly unbiased...


What Girls Said 4

  • We're separate but equal. Women have more pressure to look good (not to say guys don't experience this, but it's much more intense for women), while guys have more pressure to be successful. Each gender faces its own specific challenges.

    But women have to push 7+ pound living things out of their snatches, so I think we win this argument by default.

  • Men have it harder, in my opinion.

    Most of the difficulties women face are superficial. The sh*t about appearance is conquerable - but I'm arrogant enough to be all, "f*** you, I'm gonna eat what I want". The other is biology - mother nature kinda screwed us over with menstruation, child birth and such.

    Men on the other hand have intense social pressure. I am an introvert and rather antisocial, so maybe I think men have it harder because the thought of having to do what society tells them is 'manly' would make me rock in a corner with a knife in hand. Approaching women! Argh! I couldn't handle that kind of pressure. Also, the insistence to be 'manly' without knowing what it even means. Being the provided, but accepting the new female role in the workforce/home life. Dealing with women and their emotional instability and inability to say what they actually mean.

    I'm sorry ladies, but men have it harder. I do not envy your gender (but for the ability to pee standing up).

  • (hardest to easiest)

    ugly girls

    ugly guys

    good looking guys

    good looking girls

    simple as that.

  • guys have it harder from birth until college

    then when you join the real world, girls have it harder

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