Girls and guys: If you found a tiny man in your room?

1. Are you male or female?

2. What if you found a tiny 6 inch tall guy in your room?

3. Would you make him your slave?

4. Would you keep him or step on him?

5. What kind of stuff or chores would you have him do for you?

6. Would you be nice or mean to him? What kind of mean or nice things would you do for him?

7. Would you have him live in a dollhouse, a box, or in a cage?

8. What kind of food would you give him to eat?

9. Would you show him to your family and friends or would you keep him a secret to only yourself?

10. Would you take him out with you when you are outside running errands or take him to work?

11. Would you make him worship you as a giant God and force him to feed you and give you back or foot massages?

12. If you got really mad at him would you torture him or step on him on purpose?

13. Would you scare him by demonstrating your power by crushing stuff or towering over him?

14. Would you take him in the shower or bath with you to clean him?

15. Do you think you would love having a tiny 6 inch tall guy living in your room doing stuff for you or would you eventually hate it?

16. Would you rather be normal-sized with a 6 inch tall guy OR would rather be a giant around normal-sized people? If you wanted to be a giant how tall would you be?

Thanks for any replies.

Girls and guys: If you found a tiny man in your room?
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