The missed opportunities with guys girls don't know about.

Guys out there seem to be under the impression that girls don't want to be hit on. From girls not returning calls to girls actually saying its so annoying when guys hit on me. Because of this something is going on that women don't see. Girls will complain that guys arent approaching them. And some girls are getting approached by guys but not as many guys as they used to. What happend? Well when I hang out with my guy friends excuses are starting to become common. A guy in our group will see a girl he likes with a group of her friends say he likes her,think of approaching her. But then say well girls hate when guys approach women in a group. One guy in our group has gotten a lot of numbers but the girl never returns the call. So now everyone thinks that if a girl gives you her number it doesn't mean anything. Guys used to look forward to getting a girls phone number because it ment there was going to be a date. We would get butterflies and it would make our night. Now because one guy isn't getting the girls to pick up the phone everyones attitude is what's the point even if I get a number the girl may never answer. And this is even happening with my friends friends. Guys will see girls they like and not approach. So girls when you think why are there less guys approaching me there is actualy a whole conversation going on behind the sceens with how annoyed you will be with us if we do approach. is there a way to solve this cycle?
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Ladies as the guys have been saying it is not a turn on when you play hard to get. It makes us think you are not interested in us at all. Why would we want you more if we think you don't like us?
The missed opportunities with guys girls don't know about.
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