How do I look more threatening, intimidating and tough in public?

This dude followed me a bit then he was talking to me but I felt bad ignoring him so i replied.

He asked me about my age then he said I'm lying because there is no way I'm 21 and i look 16 ( I was wearing no make up so I looked like a kid) then he asked me what i was studying i said "law, why do you talk to a girl who looks 16?" He said wow slow down are you trying to sue me for pedophilia miss lawyer ;P?
And from that point i started lying about everything including my name, but he was so funny and nice i felt like shit when i was lying tbh.

He begged for my number and he begged to walk with me (he was begging for like 15 minutes, (I was waiting in front of a shop to open and i thought he was doing the same but nope he just stopped to talk to me).
I ended up promising him to send him a message because he took one of my hairs that was on my coat and i freaked out ( we believe that we can use black magic with hairs in my country) so i told him to give my hair back he said only if i message him right now so I promised him to do it once i get home and he gave me back my hair and left.

It's easy to ignore the really creepy guys, but the ones who look nice and are funny you kinda feel like shit ignoring them when they're right in front of your face!

I just want to be tough and look more intimidating but all my friends tell me i look like an easy prey T_T How can I tough up! I don't want to be put in these situation anymore T_T I just feel bad ignoring people face to face when they're being funny and nice.

Please don't say crazy things >< I'm serious!
How do I look more threatening, intimidating and tough in public?
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