What I Dislike About Some GAG Men

1. They don't want to pay for dates

In an ideal world every one will see women as a mans equal. However, don't let that be the excuse to let all levels of common courtesy fly out of the window.

We learned how to treat each other with kindness since we were school age children.

I know that was a long time ago for the most of us, but that is no excuse to let solid knowledge be abandoned when it should be carried on forever.

Examples of common courtesy:

-If someone sneezes you say, "Bless you".

-If someone is walking behind you hold the door for them, instead of letting it slam in their face.

-If someone slips and falls you lend a helping hand, you may even ask if they are okay.

-If you ask someone out on a date, you offer to pay.

You get my drift.

Letter A is always followed by Letter B.

When letters get scrambled only then will things become confusing for most.

If you think the problem is that a woman does not want to pay for her own meal, then you are incorrect. The fact that you asked the woman to accompany you out and are covering all costs, makes you look like a decent person.

If paying for another person's date is a big dilemma in your life, then make it clear that you are only paying for yourself. This should be spoken about before attending the date. That would be most the most accurate way to avoid any negativity or assumption the other person may have.

2. Bitter due to lack of success with women

Throughout my years on this site, I've heard just about every horrible stereotype from GAG men when it comes to women. I find it hard to believe that these men really came from a woman. The hate they seem to have for them is shocking!

A few of the common stereotypes towards women on this site:

-All women are gold diggers.

-All women are cheaters.

-All women are bitches.

If this is your experience with women time and time again, then they aren't the core of the problem, people only treat you the way you allow yourself to be treated.

You are the common denominator.

You need to take a good look at yourself to understand why you keep attracting those types of women.

Work on yourself and develop self pride, instead of pointing fingers and becoming absorbed by your own bitterness. As hard as it is, there comes a time when cycles can only be broken if you truly reflect on what is causing it to repeat itself. If you choose to ignore it then the circle will keep going around and around.

3. Insecure of themselves

A person that is filled with bitterness is harboring the most insecurity due to their past experiences. These types of men on GAG are usually the type to make negative comments about a woman's appearance, age, and overall value as a human being.

Examples of comments:

-Women are only good for being in the kitchen and cooking.

This person is allowing themselves to be absorbed by their hate. There is no logical reason on why someone would make this comment unless they felt themselves fed up with women as a whole.

-Women are less desirable after age 23.

A man that is well over the age he is discriminating against doesn't have the ability to draw women in his own age, so he creates a logic for himself, that women younger are better and superior than women that are older. He is trying to convince himself this because it's easier to look at a diluted reality than to realize that even your own age group, does not want you because with their life experience they are able to see the dysfunction and lack of security that you bring into a relationship. You may fool the younger and naive girls that have little to no experience, but not those your own age. This is why the younger age becomes his preference.

-Women are sluts if they have more than 5 partners.

This man has had a difficult time hooking up. He harshly criticizes women who appear to have it "easy" and goes on a rampage of how morally inadequate they are compared to himself. Little do these women know is that if this man had the opportunity, he'd "slut it up" himself. He doesn't let that be known however, he portrays himself as a man that would never do such things when in reality he wishes he could.

There's some great men on this site that are completely opposite of what I described, those types are always refreshing to see.

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  • I see this a lot too. Especially men who just constantly pick on all women just because their lack of success. If you hate women so much, don't try so hard to get one.

    • I love that the comments and downvotes are just proving your point over and over.

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    • then you are being closed minded or not understanding

    • @diegoD How? I wrote it 5 days ago, when it was first posted. Was I talking to you or about you? No, so why are replying? If they aren't being one of the people I'm talking about then it isn't about them. Why are you picking at shit? I didn't say all guys are like that, just some out there who prove her points.

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  • I'm glad I'm not any of these.

    1. I mean it's just being polite and honorable, I don't see why guys complain about it. Plus, if you like the girl, wouldn't you want to do little things like offer to pay for a date?

    2. Sigh, everyone's MGTOW these days. I guess it's the "cool thing" to be. Honestly, the woman hating gets old, guys. Yes, you've shown us your divorce statistics. You've shown us your "men get screwed over in everything" charts. Now please go away before you make women hate us all.

    3. Yeah just bitter excuses. Always find a way to blame someone other than themselves. Sad

  • 1. I still don't see the logic

    Why does the guy asking mean he is expected to pay for your half to be considered a decent person?

    What is it about him asking that implies he should pay for your half? Its not like he forced you to come and he is taking a chance on you just as much as you are taking a chance on him. To me it implies that she thinks her time is more valuable and needs to be compensated for hanging out with me.

    Like I understand its traditional but I don't see the logic behind if you asked that means you are obligated to pay for their half. That doesn't apply to hanging out with friends or coworkers. So the guy having to pay for dates isn't really logically justified, its just a tradition you like.

    Also the same girls who might expect me to pay for all the dates have probably exchanged nudes and had flings with me who didn't have to pay for anything. I think it would be way more flattering to be the guy she didn't expect to pay for her. It seems the more attracted a girl is to a guy, the less she expects him to do before sleeping with him.

    • I explained above that when a man asks a woman he is interested in out on a date, it shows he has good ethics if he covers the cost. A friend or a co-worker is a totally different case. You aren't trying to impress that person. When you're dating someone you're putting your best self out there because this is the person that could potentially be in your life for a very long time or forever.
      "It implies that she thinks her time is more valuable and needs to be compensated for hanging out with me". The money you are spending is not going directly to the woman. She is leaving the date just as rich or as broke as she was prior. Someone being compensated for their time, would be a prostitute because they have direct access to the money and are able to spend it. A good amount of women such as myself, don't order the most expensive thing off of the menu and what you are spending would be affordable. If money is such a huge issue to the guy, and something he finds reason to fuss over...

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    • I agree, there is no logical explanation why one should pay and who shouldn't, but still some expect to be payed or pay themselves for both to show as some kind of gesture/ receve kind gesture, that's quite fine in my opinion, but actualy EXPECT before a date or DETERMINE that one should be covered financially isn't quite fair. If a person is going somewhere with people (dates too) you should include that you are going to spend some money (if you don't want to spend then don't go at all), and person who asks out for a date and who doesn't pay for both isn't a bad person.

    • Yes I know you said that but you never explained why it is an indicator of good ethics.

      And why doesn't the girl pay her half to impress the guy and put her best self forward?

      It's not the cost that I have an issue with, its just how its something she just automatically expects the guy to do in order impress her. And yeah, I am further demotivated by knowing she probably developed feelings for, exchanged nudes and hooked up with guys who didn't have wait or pay to impress her.
      It just doesn't seem nessesary when girls commonly send nudes, have sex, and fall for guys who didn't put in a fraction of the effort.

      Well regardless of what you think "should" matter to me, I do care about the past and take it into consideration before deciding if I want to go forward. And I do believe the more a girl wants a guy the less she expects from him him before being willing to sleep with him. So to me, it seems much more flattering to be the guy she didn't expect to pay for dates.

  • Okay, I'm aware that the title is "What **I** Dislike...", so it's just a personal opinion but I still like to make some comments about it:

    1. They don't want to pay for dates:
    Okay, first, let me say that I'm the type of guy who pays for the date, but not because I'm convinced it's the right thing to do, but because it's generally expected and I don't wanna fuck up everything by bringing this up. So I rather just put up with it because it's nothing that really matters in the long term.

    So, why do I think everyone should pay for their own stuff on the first date? It's simple, because BOTH want that date. It's not me saying "hey you, we go eat next Saturday, if you want or not". No, I asked someone if she wants to do something which (usually) includes paying for something, and she agreed to it.

    For me it's the same logic as when I ask a friend to go to the movies or a fun fair or whatever... I don't pay their stuff either, because of the same reason.
    "But Yumix... THIS IS ABOUT LOVE... you can't compare these?"
    I can... because unless we are talking about a friend you fall in love with, a date is usually nothing more than 2 people willing to get to know each other better. If I get really interested after the first 2-3 dates, then I'll happily make that extra effort and spend more money to increase my chances by paying her bill every now and then.

    This has nothing to do with common courtesy in my opinion. I do all the things you listed. I just don't agree with this particular one for the stated reasons.
    Usually, I would have no problem at all if we say "the one who asks out has to pay", the problem is that it's pretty much expected from the vast majority of girls that the guy makes the first move. And this behaviour encourages this. But it definitely should never be "the guy ALWAYS pays". That's bs.

    This all said, let me tell you again... I'm the one paying for the date no matter what, but not because I'm convinced that it's the right thing to do.

    Okay, that was a lot of text just for point 1, so I have to keep the other ones short.

    2. Bitter due to lack of success with women:
    This is not a problem exclusively to guys on this site. The amount of bitter, men-hating women on this site is quite high too. Now, don't get me wrong... honestly, I don't like many guys on here either. I think there are many more idiot guys than girls here. But I hate it when people generalise, especially if it's negative. And girls don't differ much from guys in that regard on here

    • (oops, ran out of characters. )
      It's funny that you take "-All women are cheaters." as an example, because that is something you really don't see often here other than in some very obvious, sarcastic troll questions which use that statement because it's a very common one to find on here from girls saying this about guys.

      3. Insecure of themselves:
      Again, it's really the same for girls, it just shows differently. They might throw less bullshit in the other direction which might make it more bearable, but at the end most girls on here are as insecure as guys.

      Okay, enough of text.
      tl;tr: I don't agree with the first point and I think I have good reasons for it, and the other 2 are pretty much the same for girls.

      Wouldn't have thought that I'd ever defend guys on here lol... most annoy me too :P

  • The few dates I was on I offered to pay for all of them. Thankfully she at least offered to pay for herself, so + for that.

    Well I think it's understandable when a person is bitter due to lack of success. They only start crossing the line when they vent this bitterness on to others in a negative manner.

    I assume at first that you meant that you hate guys who are insecure about, say their looks or performance. I would have almost had a problem with that.

    • Insecurity is such a wide range.
      It can do with looks, sexual/work performance, self doubt/conflict, etc.
      I notice those that are insecure tend to lash out even more on others if they don't have control over their emotions.

    • Well with a tint of shame I can admit that I am insecure over myself, but I never put anyone down because of it.

    • Well that's admirable.
      I think in general every one has experienced insecurity of some sort whether it's long lasting or temporary.

  • Guess I don't qualify as a GaG guy then. :P

    • Yeah... Guess my bitterness isn't from the shit women have done to me but it's my lack of success with women.

      But hey, women can't do wrong can they? There can't be repercussions for their actions as their actions hold no weight unless they're positive because women don't intentionally hurt their partners on a somewhat regular basis (statistically verified as either doing so, willing to do so, or having a plan for when [not if] when they do so).

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    • Fuck dude, yeah, it's all fucking retarded right now with the way western civilization is treating the workers. In the big lebowski Jeff Lebowski says "The bums lost sir, get a job!"

      I'm pretty sure in the end it's going to be us bums that end up winning; peace and comfort will be our reward. I'm no man's cog to burn up.

    • But that's a good thing! xD

  • 1) I never let a girl pay if she's with me... at least haven't yet
    2) I'm not bitter with women... I love them instead
    3) I'm not at all insecure... I don't like labelling things so I don't use words like sluts or whore for any girl
    Nice take ๐Ÿ‘Œ
    Applies on some guys on here

  • All really modern men aren't into traditional dating, which means they expect the girl to pay more or less half the fun expenses, cause, guess wheat, she makes the same amount these days!

    Pretty much ditto for a lot of the rest of what you say.

    Most guys know full well not ALL women are nasty and gold digging, but nearly every guy has had bad experiences with that sort, so asking them not to be a little bitter... is pretending we still live in the 19th century when there weren't so many b's and gd's and s's.

    • If we are speaking about two mature adults with established careers , sure she probably makes the same amount. Even if she does , why is that even a concern? If you ask you should pay, it's called proper ethics.

    • You want it both ways , equality when benefits are given out, but responsibilities, or anything difficult, that's men's work.

      You're not unusual in modern US women, of course, Most are like you. But not many guys willingly play along any more. And there will be even less such guys as time goes on. A few feel they have to play your game to get anywhere, but only a few are now willing to play by yur rules.

      And you wonder why guys are bitter?

  • I'm glad I'm not like some GAG men. Like just because I'm insecure about myself, I don't make comments like that about women.

  • I mean it's really not that complicated to figure out why men don't having to pay on dates, I mean all you have to do is switch the positions. Imagine if women were almost always expected to ask the guy out. Imagine that being the situation. The reality of the situation is that in this society men are supposed to ask the woman out, if you as a guy don't ask her out she is gonna most likely just think that you weren't interested, instead of asking you out herself.

    Sure it is easy for a woman to say "Well if you asked her out then you should pay" When men are pretty much forced to always ask women out. This kind of thinking favors women so much. Thankfully this is changing with the younger generation and girls my age are taught that they too can ask a guy out and they can pay for their own share.

    Also here's a question for you mytake maker, have you ever heard of a guy complaining about his date not paying for the date after she asked him out? Cause I sure as hell haven't, like I'm honestly not trying to be sexist but this seems to be exclusively be a "problem" that women whine about. If a guy gets asked on a date I think its pretty safe to say that 99% of those guys will happily pay or even insist on paying their own share.

  • Good thing I am not like that and I try to put unbiased responses whenever I can. But honestly I see these things in BOTH genders on this site and its both sad. I will never be like them because I simply have enough respect for women not to. Good read though.

  • Oh... My... God... Every single day I come to this site...

    "Men should pay for this, men should pay for that"

    I honestly thought that after the thousands of men saying that they don't pay that some girls would learn, but I guess not lol.

    It's 2016. Most men expect to go dutch. It's called GENDER EQUALITY!

    • An act an kindness has nothing to do with gender equality.
      Men like you are just making excuses for themselves to be cheap.
      It's great if you don't want to pay for a woman's meal but don't condemn those who do.
      People have every right to the way they want to do things.

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    • And yet I have a girlfriend who is happy with me. Surprise!

    • So you say.

  • Well you are pretty much wrong about everything you wrote in this mytake, to begin with, bitterness is the wrong word, just because someone has negative criticism for women does not mean they are bitter, it just means that there truly are many factual negative things that we can observe in the female gender in general, these things would be true regardless of the experience of the individual stating them. I know many men including myself who say many bad but true things about women but still can get women relatively easily but to do that we have to play a game and abide to these hypocritical gender expectations like paying first and in general expecting the man to do more while still pretending that the genders are equal.

    And finally, the main thing you really got wrong, the problem is not us men, the common denominator excuse is completely inaccurate here as there are so many men sharing the same experiences, so no, women truly are the problem. Im aware that there are decent women out there, but the bad women outnumber them and you have to realize also that women who might act nice but have the same views as you who wrote the take has, are also essentially bad women. Due to the fact that a person regardless of gender who cannot take any criticism and always wrongly think that there is something wrong with the person criticizing you is a complete moron and not to be take seriously. Women are way more prone to this behaviour than men, also nobody likes double standards and hypocrites, and women are the biggest ones, with so many often claiming that its sexist and horrible to view women as inferior to men (even though it is fact) and yet still having no problem in considering that men should still be the the breadwinner in a relationship and make all the effort to even make a relationship happen. Equality crashes with an instinct such as hypergamy, and thats why so many men hate women these days, we can still get women by playing these rules, but its not exactly a exciting experience and just knowing how materialistic women are by nature takes away the joy of being a gentlemen.

    • You should really look up the word bitter.
      A person is bitter when they allow themselves to become absorbed by their negative views. They cannot see any "bright side" to the topic they feel strongly about. They tend to stereotype what they strongly dislike, and group those types of people in the same category.
      That is being BITTER.
      On the other hand, someone having negative experiences and allowing themselves to not be consumed by their thoughts is not bitter. They are not allowing their emotions to control them.
      Also, "the common denominator" i mentioned has a lot of truth to it.
      For example (hypothetically speaking) I am a woman who has always had boyfriends who have beaten and cheated on me.
      Every single man I have dated has done the same thing to me.
      Why is that?
      Is it just pure coincidence?
      No it isn't. The problem is ME. I am tolerating that type of behavior and going after that type of men. I am the common denominator. The problem really lies with me and not with them.

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    • You have to be able to negatively criticize someone or something without immediately being assumed to be bitter, otherwise nothing would improve. And it does not mean someone is consumed by their thoughts just because they are talking about negative experiences, Nothing i did or many of the things you mentioned that guys on gag do in your mytake is proof someone is better, sure the extreme examples are true like guys who think all women are evil bitches. But majority of redpillers or mgtow men are not behaving the way they do because of some small anecdotal experiences, there is a lot of science and statistics which support the idea that women do a lot of their decisions based on very materialistic instincts, so being aware of that and trying to make women aware of their bad behaviour is important, even if not all women behave like this.

    • Also your hypothetical example, it doesn't have to be that you are at fault for always picking violent bad guys, as many violent guys can hide it pretty well at least in the early stages. Now if a woman stays with them even after knowing they are aggressive/violent then yes that is her own fault.
      Also there isn't much men can do to find women who dont behave like this, as its all about luck, trying and trying again and hoping she isn't an hypergamous overly emotional and irrational nutcase. Even small tendencies of this sort of behaviour are really annoying and for many men a dealbreaker for something serious.

  • I hope you wrote this stuff from the kitchen. Coz I wouldn't wanna see you outside it.

  • another take
    to make women look better on the hopes of helping their low self esteem nice try at least
    in the same time i see some gag women doing things that is considered blashphemy like
    -how to be man
    -on the first date he should pay focus on should like some right
    -i have a pussy meaning im a higher being
    -why all the gentelman went
    -equality in everything but not when its more suitable for women
    -and the biggest issue : a girl asks a guy out he rejects her what an asshole
    hypocrisy is over 9000

  • I still usually pay on a first date because I'm an older fuck and still hold some traditional values. But really, paying for a date has nothing to do with courtesy. With that argument, you can say the exact same thing to women. I guess I've been lucky enough to date women who don't mind taking turns after the first time, though.

    As for the other things, I agree.

    • Courtesy meaning, if you ask out you offer to pay. Usually women don't ask men out on dates.

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    • the problem with this is that a lot of women are freeloaders and will use this logic to manipulate men into paying for dinners. i know a couple girls that do this and get free expensive dinners 4x a week

    • honestly, no girl I've been out with has expected me to take her on a dinner date as the first date (because they dont see me a beta male they can easily take advantage of.) A girl who actually respects you won't be opposed in any way shape or form to doing something on a first that date that doesn't involve a lot money... a walk in the park or coffee is good should be good enough for most women who aren't fake

  • Nicely done. :) By the way, that "Letter A is always followed by Letter B" thing you mention is what we nerds, geeks and dorks call "conditional branching."

  • 1 - That's equality and common sense in one. I'm not paying ยฃ50 for a date if I know there won't be a second. You'll find this is more and more common with younger men. It's why you get cheap first dates and you talk about payment. We see no reason to pay for you.

    2 - Ok I'll give you that. Works both ways. Women who think men just want to sleep around or aren't interested in them for vain reasons. Women tend to turn it inwards and blame themselves but I've seen women claim men should date them regardless of their own feelings. Sorry but it doesn't work that way. I won't date someone over a set size because to me it's not attractive.

    3 - the less desirable thing after 23 is backed up by science. I think it's actually 22. The kitchen thing... ok their either joking or dicks. Women are "sluts" ... who put the number 5 to that? In any case I've covered this women are just as judgmental. For example you expecting men to pay for you out of "courtesy". Everything about that is you judging men for not wanting to do so.

    Welcome to the world of double standards. It's ok for women to be shallow and judgmental but men aren't allowed to be?

  • With a generation raised without the family as the strong central point of society, does it really surprise you many think like this?

    A family in chaos is a society in chaos.

  • I agree with 2 and 3 but not 1 - I never understood why the man has to pay for the first date, as you said beforehand in description I would make clear on a first date we split or pay for our own on first date on principle - That way no hidden agendas can be alleged on either side or implications garnered about either person.

    • I got to say, I didn't expect this view coming from an older guy.
      I expect the younger people (35 and below---mostly the early 20's)---to think that way.
      Were you not raised with old fashioned values or has the modern way of thinks gotten a hold of you?
      I respect that at least you bring this up before the actual date, this shows decency on your part rather than leaving this undiscussed, going forward with the date and apparently sticking her with her own bill (when she thought otherwise).

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    • Late 20s to 35 isn't really younger (based on my age), however, it's just I notice the modern way of things as a way of influencing a certain age bracket versus another.

    • I was always that way "Fair is Fair"

  • This isn't just GAG men, this is a lot of men. Thankfully they aren't the majority.. Good Mytake

    • Men wouldn't sit around and tell a woman this or show these views to them in the flesh. The first exposure I've had to comments mentioned above are on this site. What a eye opener for me.

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  • This is the way I see it... Whoever invites you or asks you on a date pays. For example let's say I ask a guy out to dinner... It's polite for me to pay since I asked him. Another example is if he invites me for a coffee date.. Then it'll be polite for him to pay since He asked Me. Just how I see it.

  • I agree with your 2nd and 3rd points, but the first makes you look really, REALLY bad.

    You dislike a man because he won't pay for you, and you consider it common courtesy? Ummm NO. it shouldn't work that way. You can pay for yourself and offer to pay for him as well. Same "common courtesy." Your traditional way of thinking that just because you have a certain set of private parts, that you should be paid for is very unattractive to me. Whether i am on a date with a man or a woman, i offer to pay, not because of whats in between their legs, but because I want to. You should never act like some weak woman that can't take care of herself and needs others to baby you. It would be the same common courtesy if YOU offered to pay. So what exactly is so special about you that you can't offer to do pay and a guy needs to do that for you? I'm interested in knowing...

  • WOW... there are some butt hurt guys on here. You must of hit a nerve. Great Take by the way...

    • Thanks!
      Yep, they're exactly who I am talking about on here.

  • Could someone tag that Bobby guy for me for this take?

  • The only thing I dislike is the gold digger comments, and the fact that they think that no woman has ever been rejected. There are women out there who are gold diggers, but they don't make up the majority. I feel bad that they had to meet those kind of women instead of the ones who actually want to take care of themselves.

    I've also never had success with guys. I've never had a relationship. I've never been asked out. However, either guys don't believe me about that on here or, they think that I have high standards and I reject the ones who do like me. I've never ever been asked out by any guy in my life. If a guy has been interested in me, he has never told me. I've only encountered guys who believe that I am ugly, even ones who are friends of mine.

    Maybe I am just unique in this situation (which I have doubts about) but guys have just never shown any interest in me.

    So I hate reading on here about how all women have to do is be a woman and every single guy will be attracted to her.

    The rest of their complaints I can understand, like paying for dates for instance but not the ones I mentioned.

  • 'if you ask someone out you have to pay'. By that logic, if a woman asks a man out, she has to pay. Or, if you tell 5 friends to go see a movie, and they also bring some friends, you have to pay.

    When somebody asks you out, either friend or lover, it's because he's enjoying your company. And if you accept, means you enjoy his company. And you always should expect to pay for what you get when you're out, unless it's a special occasion or the person who invited you clearly states he wants to treat you

  • Great take. It's pathetic how guys on here are talking about splitting the bill to save 10 bucks. Hahahahaha.

  • I am really REALLLLLLLY getting irritable at this same-nonstop argument of men paying on the first date.

    • Sorry if this is late, but why are you upset about it? I'm not upset about it, it just seals the deal if she offers her meal cost, because then I know she's serious abiit dating, or she doesn't want a second date๐Ÿค”๐Ÿ˜• Anyways I don't mind paying.

  • Yeah, so blatantly obvious they're on here mostly just to complain and cry about their lives... (Not all, of course, definitely not all. I'd say it's 60/40... in favor of being bitter and rude.)

  • Very valid points, but I still stand by my opinion to either split the bill, or pay for what you ordered.

  • *patiently waits for the Take for women*

    • You can write it instead of waiting :)

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    • Thanks for the compliment. I'll do a future mytake about women on GAG. If you have any observations or examples of how they act that you want me to put in just pm me.

    • Oh, cool. :)

  • Pretty awesome take 10/10. You nailed it.

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