Editor of the Month, and Top 5 myTakes for December!

Which Editor caught our attention the most to win the award for December?

We've got the answer below and in addition to posting links to the winner's three best myTakes of the month, we're also going to post five of the community's favorites from other Editors (and regular users) as well.

Editor of the Month is awarded to someone who not only produces on a consistent basis but also gives us good-quality content. Community interaction helps a lot as well. Creativity, variety, and effort are all taken into consideration when deciding who will win.

Now, without further ado, the winner for December is:


Editor of the Month, and Top 5 myTakes for December!

She wins a $25 Amazon gift card! This Editor always consistently writes good content each month. She had a high percentage of myTakes that were Featured and also got tons of community engagement. Here are a few of her most popular myTakes during December:

9 of the Cutest Exotic Pets You Can Legally Own

7 Yummy Vegan Christmas Treat Recipe's

Why Don't Guys Want to Pay for the First Date Anymore?

Combined, these myTakes got a whopping 11,748 total views and 176 Opinions! Great job, RainbowFanGirl!

As for other myTakes we liked and were popular in the community during December, here are 5. Check them out:

6 Reasons to Start Dating Older Guys -by @KatherineWilliams

Why all First Dates Should be at Starbucks -by @front2back

Women- Life Truly Begins at Forty-Reclaiming Sexy and Knowing Who You Really Are -by @miamigirl1970

I Am a Black Man... and I Hate Rap and Hip Hop -by @ManOnFire

Any Male Who Hits a Woman is NOT a Real Man -by @gobsmacked3

And of course, there were many other Editors who did well in December that we would like to give a shoutout to:









Thank you so much to everyone mentioned and all of our myTake writers for all of your hard work and contributions to GirlsAskGuys! We appreciate all of you and the content you bring to GAG. We can't wait to see what you all come up with this month! :)

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