When he ignores your texts but posts on instagram?

We have been friends for years and we've have our ups and downs... we don't live in the same town anymore so we can only text really... he goes through moods and though we don't converse as much anymore he tells me he needs space that he doesn't like talking every single day and that he doesn't even text his girlfriends that much when they date... so ill just say "hi" once and e doesn't reply and finally I just stop trying and in a few days he texts me and so the pattern repeats itself and people say "maybe he's busy" ... then why is he posting on instagram and ignoring me? Guys... opinions please?


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  • he's just ignoring you... i don't know the exact reason, but the "maybe h's just busy" phrase, is false obviously

    • He doesn't say he's busy.. he says "I need space, talking everyday is how you push someone away. I like my space... when I'm dating someone I don't even text them as much as I text you"

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  • If you're just friends, why are freaking out. You sound clingy.

    • We're not exactly just friends, we're friends that sleep together

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    • he's still ignoring me... I even sent him a pretty funny snapchat... he did open it but never spoke to me still

    • Honestly, I would confront him. But that's just me. He's being an immature dick. I am at loss of to say. I'm sorry.

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  • Don't waste your time on this guy.
    If he likes you he will come after you.
    His actions say enough.
    Don't worry, if he is not into you you will find somebody who is going to treat you right!!!
    Just ignore him.


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