I always text first but he replies fast?

I went on a blind date with this guy and we hit it off good. But when we text I'm always the one to start it, but he replies fast (10 minutes usually). Should I lay off on texting him first? And is he interested even though he doesn't text first?

(Also I'm always the one to end the text conversations though)
Okay, I'm a huge dumbass. I totally forgot at one point when we were texting I told him I'm not a big texter and sometimes drop out of conversations ><

This is probably why he doesn't really text first...


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  • who cares who start first as long as u two are having a good time.. replying fast mean he is waiting for u to message... for a check skip a day and see how he respond


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  • Guys aren't usually into text messages like we are. They dont usually see it as a means of having a conversation. He will probably only instigate if he has something important to tell you (eg I'm running late). The fact that he text's you back tells me he is very keen on you - many girls have texts that go unanswered. I'd suggest dont wear him out with the texts (eg if you feel the need to send more than 2 in a row then just call him or meet up with him).


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  • if you want you can test him, stop texting and see if he initiates.


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