I started liking my old crush again?

So I used to like this guy ( 2 years ago) and he liked me too but we didn't tell each other. Later on in the holidays we texted each other and found out that we liked each other. We didn't go out because I was in a different country and then we just didn't talk much after that. Later on I forgot about him, and this other guy liked me, he is better than the first guy but I just don't catch any feelings. Once (few weeks ago) the guy that i liked 2 years ago accidentally bumped into me and said sorry. Hearing him speak to me again just suddenly reminded me of all those memories we had two years ago and I started liking him again. However we have no classes together but we see each other at school.

This afternoon when I left the library I waved bye to my friend who was sitting next to him and he thought I waving to him so he waved back and lifted his eyebrows a bit and I could see that his ears went red (maybe it's because I never wave to him?). I found an excuse to go back to my friend and asked her something, and he took my phone and tried to read the notifications but they were in another language and he was like " you know what guys do when they can't read what's on the phone?"(in a joking way) and turned my phone off.

What can I do? Will he ever like me again? He's attending a party (a female friend's) this Saturday, and she was invited because she was friends with the host. I was not invited but I really want to go! I'm not close to the host tho? What can I do?
I started liking my old crush again?
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