Reason why my guy friend is acting like a complete jerk towards me?

Once upon a time there were two co-workers who became very good friends right from the get-go.

The quick and dirty version of this story goes like this. My guy friend and I were really close. We talked all the time, hung out, shared intimate details about our lives, etc. He seemed like he might be interested in me, especially when he made a big deal about convincing me to go on 2 vacations with him (and a few other mutal friends).

About 2 weeks before we were supposed to leave for trip #1 he started acting odd. He was barely talking to me and seemed to be avoiding me. When I asked him if something was wrong he said no, but then said he had a lot on his mind, but wouldn't say what that was.

While on holiday he avoided me like the plague and barely talked to me at all, even though he had been the one who convinced me to go. When I questioned him again he claimed that he was acting weird because I'd been acting like I wanted to be more than friends. I explained that it had not been my intention to come off that way, that I wanted to remain close friends with him. His reply was rather vague and odd, and pretty much sounded like he didn't want to be friends with me anymore. I thought the chat would fix things but it seemed to make things worse and his behavior snowballed from strange to downright awful. I felt like I had lost my best friend.

Needless to say I did not want to go away with him again but could not get out of my already paid for plane ticket. He, however, seemed fine with the prospect of the two of us traveling alone together and occasionally meeting up with others. He even went so far as to tell all our friends and colleagues that we were traveling together and seemed quite excited about it.

While on this second trip he wasn't a jackass like before but he definitely had his guard up around me. He almost seemed afraid to let loose and be himself like he used to be around me.

Once we got back from vacation he immediately slipped back into the routine of barely speaking to me and avoiding me like the plague. He even deleted pictures of me and him from Facebook.

Once in awhile he acts normal and talks and acts like he used to around me, but then he will start acting squirrely again.

I think he's dating someone new now but nobody is sure and it all seems very secretive and somewhat sleazy.

What I don't get is, if we're friends and he was never interested in me as more than a friend all along (though he definitely gave off "i'm interested" vibes) why the need to act like a dipsh*t now that there's someone new in the picture? If he was never into me clearly I'm not a threat. I DON"T UNDERSTAND!

We're both in our mid 20s and this is extremely childish-middle school behavior and completely pathetic.
Reason why my guy friend is acting like a complete jerk towards me?
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