Something is missing in the relationship?

What does that mean? They are letting you go or what? Sounds like a lame excuse to me so I would like to know your thoughts


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  • Usually it's exactly that, a lame excuse. Often it means they don't know what is wrong, and don't want to take the time or trouble to find out what it is. It's easier just to find someone else.and then discover something is missing there as well.

    I can't see why people wouldn't want to at least find out what's missing before walking away!

    That's why it's often just an excuse. Maybe they decided they aren't comfortable around you and don't want to say that, so instead they use this meaningless phrase.

    Cowardly it what I would call it for starters. A person who says this is someone shallow, to say the least.

    • I will never for sure as to why he said it but either way, you hit it dead on!!

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  • Clearly the person doesn't want to tell you what's really the problem, so it must be something wrong with THEM in most cases. Personally I hate this sort of phrase because you will never find out what's really on their minds. so it's worse than a lame excuse, it's someone who doesn't want to talk about their feelings. Possibly they are ashamed of them.

    Sometimes,no doubt, it means there's someone else and they don't want to tell you that, for example.

    Personally, I want to know if that is the case or just WHAT! so I don't have to die curious!

  • Did you ask specifically what they meant by "something is missing"?

    • was in an email of all things! He said he had to sort things out...I said fine! go for it!

      I'm done, I should be a priority..not an ciao. Pissed me off as I think he's a coward now in my eyes..cuz real men don't do that in an email.

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  • It's not a lame excuse.Listen to what he said.'something is missing in the relationship'. Accept it for what it is. Some questions you should ask yourself are about signs that he gave you that this was coming. Are you compatible? Do you listen to what he says? Is he respectful of you? Did you take him seriously?

    Yes, you are being dumped. Do you need closure? Be prepared to hear the truth if you ask for it. You are not 20 something anymore trying to figure out who you are. By now you should have your own truth about yourself. Remember 'to thine own self be true' With that said. do you really need to be more introspective? Is he 100% in the relationship or are you pulling the weight? A man is not going to do any more that what he wants to do, and he will only do more when the right woman comes along.

    It's okay to get dumped.and to dump LOL! He wasn't the right one for you or you weren't the right one for him. That's okay too! The right guy is out there. Remember kickrockslosers! Let it go Blondie! Besides I heard blondes have more fun!

    • Well..for what its worth...I still think its an excuse that players use. Its not about me about me at all. Its more about him and his issues. It doesn't take a person months to figure things out. If it does...then something is wrong with your perspective. But thanks for the advice. I drop players like a bad habit! But..just for the record, we were compatible ...respectful of each other and all the other elements needed. So, he sd when he gets back in town, we'll discuss it further..I say BS

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