Why are men so focused on looks?

Most of my friends who are women don’t care about the guys looks, they date really chubby and overweight guys or unattractive guys even though they are pretty because they focus on personality the most. But when it comes to men they focus on looks more than personality, I used to think it was because of immaturity but even as I started getting older I realized they were the same. So why is it looks matter so much? Is it biological or is it because society has sort of brainwashed men? And yes some girls are like that but most of them are pre-teens or a minority of adult women.
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I received a lot of good answers thank you for them, I don't hate men or think they are horrible for having attraction to looks. It makes sense it has to do with reproduction and I can completely understand that. Humans just want security in their lives whether its financial or in their offspring flourishing. And looks go into that.
Why are men so focused on looks?
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