Does an apology from your abusive partner guarantee they won’t hit you again?

Does an apology from your abusive partner guarantee they won’t hit you again?
My boyfriend and I recently got into an altercation. It wasn’t initially a altercation. We were having a debate about religion and in a way he started to become obnoxious and loud rather than have a calm agree to disagree kind of debate and he also started to disrespect my beliefs so out of frustration and anger I told him to stop talking to me. He paused for a second, repeated what I said as if he couldn’t believe I said it when he knew he had it coming from how lous and disrespectful he was being and out of nowhere he slapped me. Then that slap turned into a shove and even harder slaps. He choked me, attempted to suffocate me with my shirt over my head while I cried out trying to get him to stop. He attempted to bang my head onto the floor only thing that stopped him was me altering my body while he held me down so that he couldn’t. I attempted to leave while he attacked me but that only made him lash out even worse telling me I couldn’t leave or “I don’t care if you leave.” But he would contradict himself by trying to stop me from leaving. After it all ended I was left with a blood clot in my left eye, busted lip and my entire right side of my body was sore. I couldn’t even turn over in bed the next day without being in pain. He called himself apologizing with kisses, soft touches and sex afterwards but I couldn’t bring myself to accept it and stop crying. I ended up leaving after he left the house to “cool down” with his friends. I didn’t text him and let him know. He got back to his home, saw that I left and texted me with this apology but something tells me he’s just gonna do it again.
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Guys I really appreciate all your advice. I didn’t expect my post about my experience to blow up like this and get this much attention but I’m grateful that it did because I got more than enough advice and have come across more helpful and caring advice than I did negative and It has honestly helped me get through it. I just recently turned 24. I haven’t been in many relationships. This was only my second real relationship and the first one where I experienced something as traumatic as this.
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Thanks again for all the healthy and helpful advice. I’m probably gonna mute this post now and just focus. Try and talk to someone outside of this site and get help.
Does an apology from your abusive partner guarantee they won’t hit you again?
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