I’m so confused does he actually like me?

So there’s this guy, I catch him looking at me and we make a lot of eye contact. His brother looks at me too sometimes and I heard them whisper about me before. He sits next to me in one of my classes and he kinda seems nervous but we talk a lot and he’s usually the one who starts the conversation, we have deep talk too he seems comfortable while we’re talking in class but whenever we talk outside of class, I’m almost always the one who approaches him and he looks nervous whenever I do. One time I was having a hard time with something and he kept cheering me on and this other time I was having a panic attack and he kept asking how could help and looked genuinely concerned. He laughs at stuff I say that aren’t even that funny, I have anxiety so I apologize a lot and he’s always so sweet about it and catch him staring a lot whenever I’m with my guy friends. He seems chill whenever he talks to other girls like he teases them and stuff but for some reason when he’s talking to me he’s extra nice and not really as playful. Some days I catch him looking at me a lot and other days it’s like he’s ignoring me on purpose. I’m so confused I don't know what this all means, is it possible that he likes me?
I’m so confused does he actually like me?
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