Do you guys think he's mad at me? or wants to break? ?

basically my boyfriend and i got mad bc i felt as if he doesn't put effort or me first but he's like of course i do and i apologized bc i realize he does so he kinda yelled for a bit mind you we are both stressed with school (finished in 2 weeks smile) also he said he feels controlled by me so i yelled at him Thursday and he didn't have the opportunity to rant bc he had class and left

Friday i wanted to talk and he exploded how stressed he is and stuff but we agreed Saturday we would go out and chill another thing how i mentioned how he feels controlled so for some reason he doesn't want me to party with his friends so i he was gonna go out Saturday and i kinda wanted to go

he likes separating his friends and girlfriend long long long story they know who i am though and i know them

i dont know but whatever it is i respect it anyway he thinks im controlling him and then again on Saturday he felt like i wanted him to stay instead of going out and once again we fought i apologized and i left crying but we kissed like 3 times anyway Sunday came i needed his help with hw we didn't fight we just chilled as he basically did all my work

he decided to stay home which i thought was odd and we usually kiss when we depart but he was all like "im gonna go ill see you tmw" and went to the bathroom... disregarded me and i just left he called me Monday just to check some small essay and asked if it was good enough edited for him and sent it to him and also Sunday we didn't fight... we were just focusing on my project lol but Monday he didn't call at all after the essay thing he called around 1 but didn't hear from him since i know. he's very busy but could he still be pissed? you know how i mentioned how he feels like im controlling hiim/ ?

he also said he feels like my life revolves around him well i didn't call at all

do you think he's still mad?

he also usually works at night

as in on projects so i dunno

what do u think?
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IGNORE THE :"7 minutes" I don't know why that pasted
Do you guys think he's mad at me? or wants to break? ?
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