Does he like me or is he just being his goofy ahh self?

Hi guys, I've had a crush on this guy for the past 7 months and lately he's been showing much more energy these days.

So these were some of the behaviours he's been doing to me :

1. He was passing me a box of school tools while literally bowing down to me? (I don't know why ik it's kinda strange) I said thank you and he said no problem but he was just sitting there staring at me. I looked back at him and he was just staring at me then he said no problem again. I said thank you again and then he finally returned back to his seat.

2. He has been constantly teasing me with weird nicknames the whole school year.

3. This isn't really a goofy behaviour but I catch him staring or taking a glimpse at me mulitple times. During class or gym class he constantly turns around and always looks at me and turns back around.

4. He called me once to his desk and he handed me this unknown pen for no reason. I asked him if he was giving it to me and he just said nothing. He kept on putting it in my hands and I just took it. (I didn't knkow what to do ㅠㅠ)

5. During science class, when I take notes, he stands behind me for a few seconds and then leaves. He also listens into the conversations I have with my friends by standing beside me.

6. When I come into the class from the bathroom or from the water fountain, he looks at me and then says my name outloud for no reason.

I'm very confused with his behaviours and I would appreciate it if I got some advice about what to do about this situation:) ㅠㅠ
Does he like me or is he just being his goofy ahh self?
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