I feel like he is being hot and cold, what should I do?

I have known this guy since we were kids and we have never gotten together, only ever been friends. Recently, for the first time in years, I went to visit him.

There is a unique chemistry that we seem to have where we are always instantly comfortable with each other. During my visit to him I met some of his family and friends (who I hadn't met before). We played pool and had a few drinks, he was texting me across the table when his friends were there to make me laugh, during pool he was really flirty and would stand/sit so close to me that I could feel the tension between us, at every opportunity to touch me he would but in a fun way so he could make me laugh (grabbing my shoulders, playing with my hair, beeping my nose, tapping me with the pool que) and he was holding eye contact for minutes at a time with me looking away first mainly. He also told me I was one of the only people in his life that knew the real him and understood him.

He asked me to stay for the night (separate beds) but I decided to go home which saddened him as he said he didn't want me to leave. He gave me a long hug when I left, I wanted him to kiss me but I didn't make the move. When I got home I said goodnight but an hour later he text me and we ended up on a 2 hour video call where he said he loved me. It was so nice seeing him and spending time with him but it has confused me about his feelings towards me.

He asked me if I was going to visit him again soon and I said I would but the last day or two he has seemed a little distant, he doesn't ignore me but he seems quite cold at times with "haha" messages or just short and sharp ones. I know he has anxiety and is very shy but I really don't know where I stand and I am scared this could harm our friendship, I love him to pieces as we have known each other for so long. Losing him would devastate me! Was he telling me something and I wasn't listening which has upset him or is he just trying to let me down gently?
I feel like he is being hot and cold, what should I do?
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