My ex asked me for advice? What could be his genuine intentions?

I used to be romantically involved with a guy from 2018 to 2021 on & off but we still have each other on social media. I currently have a new boyfriend.

A few days ago the girl who he was with after I broke up with him the last time came up on my viewers list on tiktok through her business page. I knew what she looked like because she posted on the business page and he has posted her before on his story. From what I know they have broken up. I did think it was weird that she viewed my page as I haven’t spoken to him since the beginning of the year which he asked about how my new relationship was going. But since then we haven’t spoken.

Then yesterday my ex messages me asking me for what my thoughts are on this scenario and said I have a boyfriend so he wants to see my perspective: what would I think if my boyfriend had a friend that he met while we were together and she tried to get with him but he declined saying he’s seeing someone then the girl randomly starts posting him and then goes to her birthday party. So I said I would find that suspicious and would confront him. Then he replied saying ‘Ohhh thank you anyway’.

I’m just confused as to why he asked me because he could’ve asked his own friends, he has a friend that’s married. Also he has never asked me for advice. I also find it suspicious that all of a sudden her page comes up then he messages me the next day. I’m not sure what to think of this. Any thoughts on this?

My ex asked me for advice? What could be his genuine intentions?
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